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Living in a New Subdivision

The following information is directed toward people who have moved into a new home, and into an area of the City that is newly developed. 

Subdivision Assumption

In the early stages, when new home construction begins in newer subdivisions, the services and the upkeep of the streets are the responsibility of the Developer: The City of London has not yet assumed the land, and this can take several years depending on the speed with which the developer sells the lots, and the builder builds the houses.

During all phases - from planning to construction - City staff monitor the development to ensure that it will comply with the Subdivision Agreement. The City won't take over (assume) any subdivision until it has inspected all work, and the Developer has satisfied all parts of the Subdivision Agreement.

Making Changes to Your Property

Though you may have moved into your home, it is advised that you make few, if any, changes to your yard or driveway prior to assumption, in order to avoid complications and delays in the assumption process.   You will be required to remove structures that are built without permits, or constructed such that they interfere with the assumption of the subdivision; this can include altering the grading and drainage pattern.  Make sure you read the associated pages thoroughly, or call if you have any further questions.


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  • Fences

    In a new home/subdivision It is recommended you build a fence after the City has received the Final Lot Grading Certificate from the Developer's Engineer. This occurs approximately seven (7) months after occupancy (after you've inhabited the home).  This is to ensure you do not negatively impact the overland flow of water to and from your site, among other things.

    When you do decide to build, the Fence By-law (PS-6) has all of the information you need.

    If your property abuts a (future) park or a stormwater management facility, the Developer may have to fence the property. Contact Development Services at 519-930-3500 before constructing something that may need to be removed.

    If this is a Pool Fence, you will require a permit.

  • Building Permits

    Once you are in your new home, constructing a deck, finishing your basement, having a pool put in, or other projects may require a building permit.  You can apply for these at any time, but it is recommended that you wait until you have the Final Lot Grading Certificate beofe undertaking major landscaping or outdoor construction projects.

  • Site Alteration and Grading

    The way your lot is graded and how it drains is designed to convey rainfall and surface water away from your home.  Catch basins, swales, berms, and ditches all play a part in dealing with water.  When you purchase a new home, you will be given a copy of the lot grading plan which will show you where the water is intended to drain from your property.

    Changing the grading of your property - by improperly designing or locating a fence, shed, deck, pool, etc. - can affect the drainage of your property, and neighbouring properties.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that the changes you make to your property do not impact properties around you.  Click here for more information

  • Rear Yard Catch Basins and Drains

    Rear yard catch basins and storm connections may be installed on your property and their maintenance becomes the responsibility of the homeowner upon assumption of the subdivision.  Catchbasins form part of the overall drainage plan for new subdivisions.  More information is provided by clicking here, or can download and print a brochure for more information.

  • How do I know if my subdivision is assumed?

    If you are uncertain as to whether your subdivision has been assumed, call Development Services at 519-930-3500 and ask.

  • Who sweeps the street or clears the snow?

    Prior to assumption, the Developer is responsible for all snow clearing and street sweeping.  Follow the links if you have questions for the city regarding snow clearing and street sweeping.  Don't forget, it is your responsibility to clear the snow from your own walks and driveway.

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