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Property Damage and Claim FAQ

This section describes how someone can make a claim against the City if they believe the City is responsible for their injury or damage.



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  • My vehicle was damaged in a pothole. What should I do?

    Do not continue to drive your vehicle if it is not operating properly.  Have a licensed automobile mechanic inspect the damage. If you believe the damage will exceed your automobile insurance deductible, contact your insurance representative for assistance. 

    Be sure to note the exact location of the accident and notify the City so that any needed repair work can be completed.​

    If you choose to take photos to send to the City, be sure to include one that shows where the hole is in relationship to the street and any nearby buildings.

  • There is a water meter leak or water line break affecting my property. What should I do?

    If there is any chance that water may have affected the electrical circuits causing a hazard, call London Hydro at 519-661-5555. For suggestions on how to protect your property from further damage see the attached document How to Minimize Water Damage.

    The City of London suggests the following steps when making an insurance claim:

    1. Assess the damage:  Make a written list of all property that is damaged. Note which property is permanently damaged, i.e., will never be usable again. A Damaged Property Inventory checklist is on the right hand panel of this page to help you record all damage.  Complete it if you intend to file an insurance claim.
    2. Document the damage:  Take photographs to document the extent of damage and the items affected.
  • Should I call my insurance company?

    Yes. Many insurance policies cover cleanup and the cost of repairing or replacing water-damaged property.  Also, they may suggest methods to minimize the extent of your damage. Your insurance representative can provide full details.

    ​Note: Depending on the situation, you may be eligible for more compensation from your insurer than you can recover from the City. If your insurer believes the City is liable it will deal with the City on your behalf.

  • What if I think the damage is the City's fault?

    If you want to claim directly against the City, Making a Claim provides the information you need. When the claim is reported, an investigation of the location and details provided will be handled by Risk Management staff. Based on the findings of this investigation you will be compensated if the City is found to be legally liable for the damage.

    Typically, when an insurer pays for your damage they will try to recover the amount of your deductible as well as the amount that they paid.

  • Will the City pay my costs?

    The City of London only pays claims when all evidence indicates it will be found legally liable. This approach minimizes costs for taxpayers who ultimately bear the cost of claims.

    We recommend that everyone whose property is damaged contact their insurance representative to report damage promptly; this is a requirement of your insurance policy.

  • How can I report hazards?

    Tell us if you see a hazard. ‘Hazards’ are such things as potholes, heaved or cracked sidewalks, fallen tree branches, unlit traffic lights, damaged street signs, etc.

    During business hours: (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) call Customer Service at 519-661-4570. After hours and weekends: phone the City Dispatch Office, 519-661-4965.

    Please describe the location of the hazard and provide as many details as you can. For example:

    • the name of the street, sidewalk or park
    • the nearest building number, or
    • the name of the nearest cross-street or area in the park

    You can also report hazards at:

    We appreciate your interest in helping us keep our City safe - and a great place to live.

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