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Residential Property Taxes

Current Value Assessment

Tax rates are applied to the current value assessment of each property as determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). An independent body formed by the Provincial government and funded by municipalities, MPAC reassessed all Ontario properties for 2013 taxation based on 2012 market values. Assessment notices were issued in November 2012 advising property owners of the reassessed market value of their property.

The 2012 market values are phased in over four years – 2013 to 2016. For the 2015 property tax year, the average phased-in assessment of residential properties increased approximately 2.59%. The phased-in assessment of your property may be more or less than 2.59% for the 2015 property tax year.

How 2015 Tax Rates Compare to Last Year 

While there is a phased-in assessment value increase of approximately 2.59% for residential properties overall, the total 2015 tax rate (1.366710%) is slightly less than that of 2014 (1.367795%). The combined effect of phased-in assessment values and changes in nominal tax rates is that property tax levels have increased approximately 2.5% for the average residential property.

On an individual level, most residential property owners will experience a tax change either above or below the average 2.5% increase. The tax change on any particular residential property will depend on whether the phased-in assessment changed more or less than the approximate 2.59% average increase.

The residential tax rate of 1.366710% breaks down as follows:

General rate is 1.171710%

Education rate is 0.195000%

Tax rates vary for commercial, industrial and other classes of properties. The applicable rates for each property appear on the tax bill.  In the section called Explanation of Tax Changes you will find details of tax changes for your property resulting from levy changes and reassessment.

How the Municipal Portion of Your Property Tax is Spent

How the municipal portion of your property tax is spend pie chart














This chart is available in alternate formats, upon request.

What Tax Payment Options are Available to Me?

The City of London’s Pre-Authorized Payment Plan offers the convenience of paying your taxes over 10 months through automatic withdrawals from your bank account. If you wish to start this plan after June 30, please submit a completed enrollment form. The City Tax Office needs to receive your form prior to the first day of the applicable month you wish pre-authorized payments to begin.  To start pre-authorized payments in 2016, please submit your enrollment form by November 16, 2015.

You can call 519-661-4540 to request a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan enrollment form;


Download the form through the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan link above;


Pick up a copy at City Hall, 300 Dufferin Avenue, at either the Main Floor Reception Desk or 4th Floor Tax Office.

You can also pay your City of London taxes on-line through most financial institutions.

When are Tax Payments Due?

Your tax bill and attached remittance stubs show the remaining 2015 tax installments and their due dates.  Interim taxes are due the last business day of February and March.  Final taxes are due the last business day of June, August and October.  Supplementary taxes are due on various dates depending on date of issue.  Please check the back of your tax bill for information on penalties and charges that apply to late payments. Property owners using the City’s Pre-Authorized Payment Plan receive a statement showing automatic withdrawal dates and amounts.

Who Can Answer My Tax Bill Questions?

We’re here to help. You can call us at 519-661-4540 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. The telephone lines in the City Tax Office are always very busy for the first few days after the tax bills are mailed.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  The City Tax Office also has an e-mail address of taxoffice@london.ca.

Who Can Answer Questions about my Property Assessment?

Please call the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at 1-866-296-6722 for information or questions concerning the appeal process.

What is the Deadline to File for Tax Rebate Programs?

The deadline for filing applications for 2015 property tax rebates for commercial and industrial vacancies and charitable organizations that are tenants in commercial properties is the last day of February 2016.  Information on both these programs is available through the links above or at the City Tax Office.



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