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Payment Plan FAQ

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  • Are there any additional charges with using the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?

    ​No. It costs nothing to enrol in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. Your property tax bill remains exactly the same whatever method you use to pay your property taxes.

  • What if my banking information changes or I want to stop making pre-authorized payments?

    ​The plan is entirely flexible. If your bank account information changes or you want to cancel your Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, simply notify the Tax Office of the change, either by letter or by submitting a completed Account Information Change for Pre-Authorized Payment Plan form. This notification of changed information can be done by mail, fax or in person at the Tax Office. Please provide at least 30 days' notice before the next payment date.

  • If my mortgage company is paying the property taxes, can I switch to the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?

    ​If your taxes are currently being paid by a mortgage company, you'll need to talk to your service representative if you want to start paying your property taxes directly using the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. The City of London will require written confirmation from the mortgage company that it is in agreement with this change.

  • Can I pay supplementary tax bills by pre-authorized payment?

    ​Supplementary taxes for new construction or improvements can not be paid by pre-authorized payment. Even if you are already on pre-authorized payment, you must still issue a cheque or make a payment for any supplementary tax billings that you receive.

  • What happens if I sell my property and I am on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?

    ​Remember, if you sell your property it is necessary that you cancel your existing Pre-Authorized Payment Plan even if you acquire another property in the City. You can do this by completing and submitting the Account Information Change for Pre-Authorized Payment Plan form.