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Land Survey Plans

The City of London does not have land survey plans for sale or distribution. Any plans the City may have on hand are for staff use only. The following information is provided as a courtesy, only to assist in locating a survey plan of your property, assuming one exists.

Surveyors Real Property Reports are the most commonly sought after type of survey plan. They show lot dimensions, survey monumentation (bars), buildings, garages, decks, pools and other major improvements to the property as well as easements, rights-of-way and other property interests. This type of survey is typically sought after by homeowners when fencing or when planning improvements on the property. These plans are not kept on file in any public registry system. If you suspect that your property was surveyed in the past, it is best to contact the Ontario Land Surveyor who performed the survey for further information. For a list of Ontario Land Surveyors, please consult the yellow pages of your local telephone book under "Surveyors - Land". You can also check the Pimarc survey records database to see if a survey exists for your property (see below for more information).

​Registered Plans of Subdivision and Condominium Plans are plans approved under the Planning Act that create buildable lots that conform with zoning. Plans of Subdivision show lot dimensions and survey monumentation (bars) but do not show buildings or other improvements on the property. Registered Plans of Subdivision and Condominium Plans can be purchased from Service Ontario in London, 100 Dundas Street, for a nominal fee.

Reference Plans are plans of survey that are "deposited" in the Land Registry Office and are used to illustrate parcels of land as one or more "Parts". The Parts shown on these plans may or may not represent buildable lots. Similar to Plans of Subdivision, Reference Plans will show property dimensions, easements, rights-of-way, survey monumentation (bars) and may show the location of fences in relation to the boundaries but generally do not show buildings or other improvements on the property. Reference Plans can be purchased from Service Ontario, 100 Dundas Street, London, for a nominal fee.

The Middlesex County Land Registry Office is located at Service Ontario, Main Floor, 100 Dundas Street (Bell Building), London, ON N6A 5B6. Phone: 1-800-267-8097

A local listing of Ontario Land Surveyors licensed to practice cadastral (legal boundary) land surveying can be found in the yellow pages of the local telephone book under "Surveyors - Land".

Pimarc ( is a commercial survey records database that is used by the majority of the local Ontario Land Surveyors to index their survey records. The site allows the public to log on and search to determine if a survey plan exists for their property. Please note the City has no affiliation with Pimarc and this link is provided for public assistance purposes only.

For further information on land surveying please contact the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors at 1-800-268-0718.


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