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Residential Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Fence Permit

Every swimming pool, as defined by the By-law, is required to be completely enclosed by a gated fence. Whether the fence is new or existing, a permit is required before the swimming pool can be installed.

All documents and information for a swimming pool fence application can be obtained below or by visiting the 7th floor of City Hall during regular business hours. It is recommended you review the Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5 and Fence By-law PS-6 prior to applying for your permit.

Watch the informational video "Required Documents for a Swimming Pool Fence Permit Application" for more information about applying for a swimming pool fence permit

See Below for Application Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Applying for a Permit

    Click here to watch the video "Required Documents for a Swimming Pool Fence Permit Application"

    1. Complete the application form:
    2. Complete the Undertaking Damage to City Property form:
    3. Complete the Fence Detail Sheet:
    4. Prepare a site plan or sketch of your project:
    5. Submit the complete application (steps 1-4) and pay the applicable application fee on the 7th floor of City Hall OR mail the complete application (steps 1-4) and application fee (cheque only) to the below address.

                      Attn: 7th floor, Building Division

                      300 Dufferin Avenue

                      London, ON  N6A 4L9

    Please Note: We cannot accept online and e-mail applications at this time.

  • Application Fee

    As of September 18, 2018; a swimming pool fence permit fee is $200.00 or $12.50 for every $1,000.00 of reported construction value, whichever is greater.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Why do I need a swimming pool fence permit?
      • A swimming pool fence permit is required by the City of London to determine compliance with the Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5, but more importantly to establish the required level of safety for you and others in the neighbourhood.
    2. When is a swimming pool fence permit required?
      • A swimming pool fence permit is required when the swimming pool:
        • has a depth of more than 75cm (29.5 inches) at any point; and
        • has a surface area of more than 1.0m2 (10.8ft2); and
        • is not under the jurisdiction of the Building Code; and
        • is not completely inside a building; and
        • is not owned by government or a local board or commission constituted under any statute or by-law; and
        • is not a pond or reservoir to be utilized for farming purposes; but
        • exludes hydro massage pools; and
        • storm water management ponds.
    3. What is the maximum and minimum height requirements for the swimming pool fence?
      • The minimum height for a swimming pool fence is 5.0 feet as set out in the Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5.
      • The maximum height for a fence is up to 7 feet on the property line or 9 foot -10 inches if set back 3.9 feet from the property line as set out in the Fence By-law PS-6.
    4. What is the minimum setback from the property line to the swimming pool?
    5. Does my fence need a gate?
      • A gate is not mandatory, however, the swimming pool must be completely enclosed with a fence. Any gate associated with a swimming pool fence or other form of access to the enclosed swimming pool must be self-closing and self-latching.
    6. Does my deck or pool shed require a separate permit?
      • A shed or deck may require a separate permit depending on the size or height. Please contact the Building Division at 519-661-4555
  • Maintaining Compliance During Construction

    Once you are permitted to begin construction, follow these steps to ensure your project runs smoothly and safely:

    1. Post the permit card (supplied with your approved permit) on the job site
    2. Secure the entire project area/yard with a temporary fence, or a combination of temporary and permanent fencing.
    3. Ensure permanent fencing is installed according to the approved plans.

    Remember: If the project changes, notify the City of London immediately.

  • Determining Compliance of an Existing Swimming Pool
    1. Visit the Property Information Request webpage
      • Review "Compliance to Swimming Pool fence By-law with Field Inspection"
    2. Provide a letter with the following information:
      • Municipal Address;
      • Name of Applicant;
      • Full Address of Applicant;
      • Daytime Telephone Number; and
      • Email Address
    3. Provide a cheque for the associated fee if mailing request (debit and cash available at counter on 7th floor, City Hall).
    4. Schedule with assigned Municipal Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Maintaining Compliance After Construction
    1. Construction and all inspections of the pool and fence must be completed within 120 days post permit issuance.
    2. Call 519-661-4660 or email to schedule the mandatory final inspection by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer.
    3. Ensure the pool fence, gates, etc. are maintained in accordance with the approved plans and Swimming Pool Fence By-law.

    Remember: Repairs to a pool fence do not require a permit, but replacement of a fence does.

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