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Severances and the London Consent Authority

Typically, new lots are created through approval of a plan of subdivision. However, when five (5) or fewer new lots are proposed, and no new road is required, an application for "consent to sever" may be appropriate.  Dividing the land is therefore known as 'severing' or 'creating a severance'.

Aside from land division, consent may also be granted to;


  • Register or discharge a mortgage over part of a parcel of land;
  • Register a lease over part of a parcel of land when the term of the lease is 21 years or more (inclusive of renewal options);
  • Register easements for rights-of-way, and;
  • Adjust boundaries of existing land parcels to enlarge or decrease the size of a property.

Controlling the division of land gives the City a mechanism for ensuring the creation of lots is consistent with planning policies as set out in London’s Official Plan.  In evaluating applications for land division, the Consent Authority considers:


  • Conformity with the lot creation policies of the Official Plan;
  • The availability of access to and frontage on a municipal road;
  • The appropriateness of the size and configuration of the proposed lot for the land use;
  • The adequacy of water and wastewater services;
  • The location and characteristics of the property;
  • The conservation and protection of natural resources and farmland, and;
  • The impact upon the current and future use of surrounding properties.

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