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Energy Saving Tips for Outdoors

Use a push lawn mower

Did you know that an old lawnmower produces as much air pollution as 40 new cars while running? Retire your old gas-powered lawnmower and use a manual or an electrical mulching or reel mower to mow your grass. By using a push lawn mower, you will reduce air pollution and green house gas emissions.

Tree placement for energy conservation

Strategically placing tress around your home can shade it in the hot summer and protect it from the cold in the winter. To shade your home in the summer plant deciduous (leafy) trees on the south and west side of your home, while coniferous (evergreen) trees on the north and east side of your home will protect it from cold winter winds. This can save you a lot in heating and cooling costs, increase property value, and can even offset your home’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Keeping cool in the summer

Increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 10% by properly shading it. Shade will keep the air around the unit cooler, resulting in less energy needed to cool your home. Remember to also clean or replace your air conditioning filter monthly. Dirty filters can restrict air flow and reduce your system’s efficiency.

Light your home efficiently

Install timers and motion detectors to help you reduce excessive outdoor lighting and energy usage. Also install energy efficient light bulbs in all your outdoor fixtures.

Hang dry your clothes

Instead of using your energy-guzzling clothes dryer, hang up your clothes to dry either outside in warm weather, or in your laundry room in the winter and on rainy days.

Eat local foods

Fill your plates with fruits and vegetables you have grown on your yard. If you do not produce your own food, buy organic local food from your grocery store, farmer’s market or directly from the farm.

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