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Adopt-A-Pond Program is a free, community partnership with the City of London and London residents and community groups.  The program encourages community groups, neighbours and local businesses to get involved in the preservation of our stormwater management facilities.  London's ponds are enjoyed by many residents and are appreciated by all. By participating in the Adopt-a-Pond k program, volunteers donate time to give special care to a City management pond by helping to maintain, beautify, enhance and keep the pond safe for all to enjoy.

There are still over 150 stormwater management ponds in the City of London that are still eligible for adoption.   Bring your friends, family, neighbours, social, work or interest groups together to increase the pride, cleanliness, and beauty in your neighbourhood.  The City of London will provide the materials and supports needed to complete your twice annual clean-up activities. 

Pond Adopters agree to:

  • Host a minimum of two clean-up days per year, spring and fall, for at least two years
  • Consider hosting additional events and clean-ups throughout the year
  • Observing and reporting hazards
  • Graffiti removal
  • Yellow Fish instations in the neighbourhood
  • Deliver information handouts to homeowners
  • Record and report volunteer hours and activities

The City agrees to:

  • Provide the tools you will need for a successful clean-up day including garbage bags etc.
  • Help with any inquiries, assistance or guidance you may need
  • Erect an Adopt-A-Pond sign with your groups name on it, recognizing your commitment to the park’s maintenance
  • Assist with purchase of trees, shrubs and flowers provide guidance and expertise on how to plant
  • Remove filled garbage bags from the park after your clean-up day

Adopting a pond:

  • Strengthens your connection to your neighbourhood
  • Brings your group together for a common goal – a great way to team build
  • Gives you pride through actively benefiting your community

To find out which stormwater ponds are available for adoption, conntact

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