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Thames River Valley Corridor Plan

Council considers The Thames River Valley Corridor as London's most important natural, cultural, recreational and aesthetic resource. To this end, Council undertook a comprehensive study of the River Corriode.  The Thames Valley Corridor (TVC) Plan was approved by Council in 2012 and will form part of the new Official Plan through the ReThink Process.  The Corridor Plan is a long range vision document that addresses key land planning and management issues throughout the Corridor, including:


  • continued management of the floodplain and other hazards
  • improved protection, preservation and rehabilitation of the natural heritage system i.e. aquatic habitats, riparian and flood plain habitats, valley slope habitats
  • enhanced public access and recreation opportunities
  • management of urban development and infrastructure works in and along the corridor
  • role of the corridor in support of urban water cycles (stormwater, wastewater, drinking water) and
  • the connection with other natural areas.

A copy of the Plan and the action plan are attached below:

Corridor Plan, December 2011

(to print on letter size paper select Shrink to Printable Area in Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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