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Permitted Pathway Uses

The City of London Parks & Recreation Area By-Law should be read in its entirety. The below information is brief for convenience. For more information, feel free to contact us at 519-661-5575 during regular business hours.


At the Municipal Council meeting on November 19, 2013,  a proposal was recommended to amend the Parks & Recreation Area By-Law PR-2 concerning the use of e-scooters on Multi-Use Pathways.  The proposed by-law was introduced to address the exclusion of power-assisted e-scooters from the City's multi-use pathway system, lowering the speed limit on pathways from 30 kmph to 20 kmph.

The Parks & Recreation Area By-law currently prohibits motor vehicles (as defined in the Highway Traffic Act) from multi-use pathways.  In 2009 the Province amended the Highway Traffic Act and excluded "power assisted" bicycles (or e-bikes) from the definition of "motor vehicle".  For purposes of the Parks & Recreation Area By-law, Civic Administration is recommending that the by-law be amended to make it clear that e-scooters are prohibited from multi-use pathways while allowing e-bikes on the path while under pedal power.

E-Scooters - Not Permitted

The intent of the by-law amendment is to clearly prohibit e-scooters from using multi-use recreational pathways.  This is accomplished by treating them like motorcycles which are prohibited already.  A definition for e-scooter and amending certain subsections to prohibit power -assisted e-bikes from hiking trails and ESAs, and prohibiting e-scooters from multi-use pathways will be included in the by-law.  Other municipalities such as Windsor and Calgary currently ban e-scooters from their pathway system.

E-Bikes - Permitted

The e-bike is lighter, resembles a normal bicycle and may continue to be used on multi-use pathways only when powered by pedal, rather than by motor.


A wheelchair or similar device (motorized or otherwise) used by an individual due to a mobility disability may continue to be used in all areas of parks including all multi-use pathways and the accessible portions of hiking trails.


E-scooters will continue to be permitted to operate on designated commuter bicycle paths and lanes within the right of way of major roads (subject to any Highway Traffic Act requirements).


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