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Private Property Parking Sign

Private Property Parking Enforcement Program

Parking of unauthorized vehicles on private property has become a problem  for property owners.  As a result, The City of London has a By-law to allow for ticketing of vehicles on private property under certain criteria.  In accordance with City of London Traffic and Parking By-laws P.S. 111, Part 8.

Enforcement of this portion of the By-law can be accomplished by enrolling in the program utilizing existing uses the City resources (Parking Enforcement Officers).

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  • Why is the Private Property Parking Enforcement Program needed?
    • To adjust the existing towing regulations so that property owners could have illegally parked vehicles more readily towed from their properties; and/or
    • To amend the City Of London Traffic & Parking By-law to allow ticketing of illegally parked vehicles on private property.
  • What are the requirements?
    • The owner/occupant must sign a written consent application to allow ticketing on private property, and will be registered and held on file with the City Clerk.
    • There must be signs erected at each entrance and within the authorized parking area on to the property, clearly indicating the parking regulations.
    • Fire Routes are required under the Ontario Building Code to provide proper access for fire trucks and emergency vehicles.  If your property has a fire route access it a necessary to ensure that is meets all requirements.
  • Is there a fee to enrol in the program?
    • There is no fee to enrol in the program.
    • The owner/occupant would be responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the signs based on standards set out by the city.
  • Who can issue Penalty Notices?
    • Enforcement of the Private Property Parking by-law uses existing City enforcement resources (Parking Enforcement Officers).
  • How to apply?
    • Contact the Parking Office with the following information:
      • Name of the contact person
      • Phone Number
      • Property Address
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