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Parking By-laws

The City of London have a wide range of Parking Regulations that have been implemented to provide for safe streets and better traffic flow throughout the City. 

It is the responsibility of each citizen and visitor, to familiarize themselves with the Parking By-laws in order to avoid getting a ticket.  The City of London strives to achieve voluntary compliance through education and enforcement.

The majority of parking regulations can be found in the Traffic & Parking By-law (PS-111), however other relevant parking information can be found in the following documents: 

Unauthorized Parking Area By-law (S-3)

Parks & Recreation Area By-law (PR-2)

Condensed information on the most common parking offences can be found in the Parking Regulations Handout.

How do I change the parking regulations on my street?

Parking regulations may be implemented on City streets to address safety and/or capacity problems or at the request of property owners to address unique issues on their street. If you would like the parking regulations on your street changed, please email us.

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