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Meeting Room

First Attendance Meetings

Prior to proceeding to trial you may wish to contact the City of London Parking Office and schedule a First Attendance Meeting. 

First Attendance Meetings give the City of London Parking staff the ability to review your explanation and relevant evidence relating to the parking infraction and make decisions as to whether there is a reasonable prospect of conviction at trial.  Staff can also provide additional clarification relating to the City of London Parking By-laws at the First Attendance Meeting.

NOTE: If you are not the Registered Owner of the vehicle that was issued the ticket, authorization from the Registered Owner of the vehicle is required, in order to deal with the ticket on the vehicle owners behalf.  Authorization must be in writing complete with the signature of the vehicle owner in order to be considered valid.  Agent Authorization may be submitted independently or on the applicable Third Party Agent Authorization Form.


No reduction in monetary penalty will be offered at the First Attendance Meeting, however staff do have the ability to cancel tickets if there is a problem relating to the evidence.


To arrange a First Attendance Meeting, please contact the City of London Parking Office.

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