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Dispute Your Parking Ticket

If you receive a ticket, you have two options:

  1. Pay the ticket amount


  2. Make an appointment to dispute it within 15 days of receiving the ticket

To dispute a ticket you have three options:

  1. Make a screening appointment online by completing “Request a Screening” form by e-mailing/submitting online form to 
    • If you do not receive an e-mail from the City of London within 3 business days of submitting this form, please call: 519-661-4537.
  2. In person, complete a Request for Screening form and deposit the completed document in the drop box at 824 Dundas St London with supporting documentation, if required. 
  3. Call to make an appointment 519-661-4537

Note: Certain parking violations may be able to be reviewed administratively without an in-person appointment required. Please ensure all documentation is included with your submission.

Screening Appointment

  1. Arrive on time for your scheduled screening and confirm your registered on the screening document
  2. If your name is not on the screening document, please phone 519-661-4537
  3. Once the dispute is initiated, the issue is reviewed by the screening officer.
  4. If the dispute is not resolved with the screening officer, you may request a Notice of Intention to Appear in Court.

Request for Screening or Trial Forms

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, please have the registered owner fill out the Third Party Consent Form and submit to the Parking Office along with your Request for Screening

  • Request for Screening:
  • Request for Trial:
    • You must phone 519-661-4537 for more information to obtain the Notice of Intention to Appear and submit in person.


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  • Can I dispute my parking ticket over the phone, in person or by mail without an appointment?

    Most parking violations will require an in-person screening appointment however certain tickets may be subject to an administrative review. Please include all supporting documentation with your submission e.g. parking payment receipts.

  • Can I request a trial date without first going through a screening?

    Yes, you can. However, you may want to attend a screening to see if you qualify for resolution prior to entering submissions before a Justice of the Peace.

  • If I live more than 50km away from the Parking Office, do I have to attend in order to dispute my ticket?

    Each case is reviewed individually, and depending on the circumstances you may be able to proceed with a scheduled phone screening appointment.

    Please submit a screening form by email or online to have your request reviewed.

    If you want to appear in Court, before a Justice of the Peace, you or your agent (with written authorization) must call the parking office at 519-661-4537 for instructions on filing the Noice of Intention to Appear.

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