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Committees and Events

National Housing Day (NHD) 2016

November 23, 2016 National Housing Day (NHD)


National Housing Day (NHD) 2014

November 24, 2014 National Housing Day (NHD)


National Housing Day (NHD) 2013

November 18, 2013 National Housing Day (NHD)


Social Housing Operational Advisory Committee (SHOAC)


The City of London Social Housing Transfer Plan identified a need to establish a consultation process to deal with social housing operational and policy implementation issues of concern to housing providers and their residents. 

This committee meets with staff of the Housing Division on a quarterly basis. The committee consists of one representative, plus an identified alternate, from the following: provincial non-profits, federal non-profits, provincial co-operative non-profits, the London & Middlesex Housing Corporation, the supportive housing sector, the London Housing Advisory Committee and the County of Middlesex.

It is encouraged that all issues and/or suggestions dealing with social housing be channeled through the committee for discussion/follow-up. These issues can then be acted on or communicated back to the housing providers and network partners for a greater sharing of information.  

The approved Terms of Reference outlining the function, composition, responsibilities and procedural practices for SHOAC is provided in "pdf" format.  

To view the minutes from the latest meeting, click the link below.


Coordinated Access Support Team (CAST)

The purpose of this committee is to:


  1. Assist the City of London in its role as Service Manager, for the delivery of coordinated access & income testing in the City of London and County of Middlesex, by evaluating program delivery and providing input and advice, through the development of clear and consistent guiding principles, policies and procedures and recommendations on potential improvements to existing business practices, in areas where municipal flexibility is permitted.
  2. to facilitate an ongoing consultation process between the City of London and coordinated access and income testing stakeholders in order to establish and maintain a consistent and equitable evaluation process for coordinated access and income testing issues, policies and procedures, including principles for the delivery of excellent customer service identified by key stakeholders.

The CAST Terms of Reference is available in pdf format.

To view the minutes from the latest meeting, click the link below. Please note the last meeting is in 2010.


London Housing Advisory Committee (LHAC) 

The London Housing Advisory Committee (LHAC) serves as a resource, information gathering and advisory body to Municipal Council on housing related issues in the City of London.  The Advisory Committee reports to Municipal Council through the Community and Protective Services Committee.

LHAC voting members consist of three members-at-large, one of which is a tenant of a residential property, and one representative from sixteen different housing related associations, sectors and organizations in the City of London.  The non-voting resource group consists of a representative from each of the following: the London Police Department; the Planning and Development Department; the Fire Prevention Office; and the Housing Mediation Office.





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