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3 garbage containers and garbage truck

Container Limit

3 Container Limit for Garbage Collection

Each household is permitted to set out 3 containers each collection. 

Bulky items (e.g., furniture, mattresses, etc.) are not included in the 3 Container Limit and will be collected in addition to 3 containers.

Garbage Tags available for sale

Garbage tags ($1.50 each) are required on extra containers of garbage for collection at the curb. There is no tax or limit on how many garbage tags can be purchased. Garbage tags do not expire and there are no refunds provided.

Landlords or others that wish to purchase more than 20 garbage tags should visit City Hall, or an EnviroDepot. 

The following locations sell garbage tags, check the web links for hours of operation:

  1. North London Optimist Centre – 1345 Cheapside Street, 519-661-5198
  2. South London Community Pool – 585 Bradley Ave, 519-661-0920
  3. Canada Games Aquatic Centre –1045 Wonderland Road N, 519-661-4455
  4. Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre – 656 Elizabeth St, 519-661-2523
  5. Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre – 78 Riverside Drive, 519-661-5740
  6. Parking Office  – 824 Dundas Street, 519-661-4537 (open Mon - Fri 8:30am to 4:15pm)
  7. City Hall – 300 Dufferin Ave, 519-661-2489
  8. Citi Plaza - 355 Wellington St. 2nd Floor, South Wing 519-661-2489
  9. Bostwick Community Centre - 501 Southdale Road West 519-907-3300
  10. Four EnviroDepots:
    • Oxford Street EnviroDepot: 1450 Oxford Street West (reduced winter hours)
    • Clarke Road EnviroDepot: 28 Clarke Road (reduced winter hours)
    • Try Recycling Depot North (under City contract): 21463 Clarke Road, Arva
    • W12A Landfill: 3502 Manning Drive

How to attach a garbage tag:

A garbage tag is for a one time use. Attach to a garbage bag by wrapping around the neck of the bag.  If using a garbage can, place the tag on the contents at the top of the can to be clearly visible. Garbage tags cannot be permanently attached to a garbage can/lid. The garbage tag number and City logo must be visible to the garbage collector to be valid.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a container of garbage?

1 container = 1 bag or can of garbage

Maximum weight = 20 kilograms (44 pounds)

Maximum size = 125 litres

Minimum size = 30 litres

How many containers is a garbage can with several garbage bags inside?

Each household is permitted to a total of 60 kilograms of garbage at the curbside each collection day. Please distribute the weight of the garbage as equally as possible between the 3 garbage bags or cans.

A garbage can or bag may contain several smaller bags of garbage, and this would count as one container.  One garbage can is equal to one container regardless of how many smaller bags are inside it, as long as it is not overweight (maximum 20 kilograms) or oversize (maximum size 125 litres).

Does the 3 Container Limit include bulky items (e.g. furniture, mattresses, etc.)?

The 3 Container Limit refers to cans or bags of garbage only.  Bulky items do not count towards the Container Limit.  A household may set out 3 containers plus bulky items each collection day.

Is there a garbage limit to the quantity of garbage that will be collected?

Yes, the maximum quantity of garbage that will be collected from each residential property or unit, per collection, is two cubic meters.  This includes any combination of 3 containers of (untagged) garbage, bulky garbage, and tagged containers of garbage.   One cubic meter is equivalent to a box that would be 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter in size.  Two cubic meters would be two boxes this size. 

Is there a limit on the number of Blue Boxes set out for collection?

No.  Households may set out an unlimited number of Blue Boxes at the curb each collection day. Remember to Sort it Right, Containers in one Blue Box and Paper in another. 

Does the 3 Container Limit apply to multi-unit (duplex, triplex, etc.) properties?

Each legally registered residential unit is permitted 3 Containers of garbage per collection. For example, a property with four legally registered residential units is allowed 12 containers of garbage per collection.

Rooming houses are permitted to one container per room, per collection.

Townhomes are permitted to 3 containers of garbage per unit, per collection.

Will businesses and institutions (churches, etc.) be impacted by the new 3 Container Limit?

There is no change to the garbage limit for businesses and institutions. Businesses are permitted to set out 12 garbage bags (not garbage cans) per collection; trade waste from the business will not be collected.

Are there special considerations for households for the 3 Container Limit?

They may be considered on a case-by-case basis for confirmed medical reasons. Contact Jana Corby at 519-661-2489 ext. 5419 or

Our household typically sets out bags of garbage within the 3 container limit, but around the holidays when we have guests, we sometimes have more. What can we do?

There are exemption collection days when the 3 Container Limit is not enforced as marked in the Waste Reduction and Conservation calendar:

  • Collection in early September
  • Collection following Christmas
  • Collection following Easter
  • Spring collection in early May

What are some waste reduction tips to help reduce my waste?

  • Recycle everything that is acceptable in the Blue Box program.  There is opportunity for improvement: 35% of recyclable Containers (cans, bottles, etc.) are placed in the garbage and 20% of Paper is placed in the garbage instead of the Blue Box. Visit for a full list of acceptable materials
  • Donate, swap and sell reusable items. Items such as clothing, books and toys can be donated to local not-for-profit or charitable organizations.
  • Plastic bags/wrap (e.g., grocery bags, plastic wrap around toilet paper, etc.) are not accepted in the Blue Box but many stores have drop-off bins to accept this plastic for recycling.  Use the search tool found at the Plastic Film Recycling webpage for a drop-off location near you.
  • Backyard composting. Composters are available for purchase at the City EnviroDepots.
  • Reduce food waste. Food waste can be reduced by planning ahead for meals and grocery shopping, and using up leftovers while it is still edible. While some of this material could be composted after it has spoiled, the goal is to prevent it from being wasted through consuming it first. This will also help save money.

Background Information

At the Civic Works Committee meeting on May 10, 2016, a Staff Report (PDF) was received which examined options for reducing the garbage container (bag) limit and outlined a community information and engagement process to receive feedback from residents on this issue.  The Question and Answer section from the report provides a full overview.

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