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Enforcement and Prosecution

The Fire Prevention Division of the London Fire Department is committed to a proactive inspection program that will see every public building, industrial building and rental residential building inspected regularly.  We also respond to public complaints of fire safety issues and address any issues brought forward by the Suppression crews and other City of London agencies. 

The Fire Protection and Prevention Act allows an Inspector who is an Assistant to the Fire Marshal to enter and inspect land and premises for the purpose of assessing fire safety without warrant at all reasonable times.  An Inspector may also bring with them anyone he or she considers advisable to assist. (Police, Bylaw enforcement, animal control, building Inspector etc.).  Obstructing an Assistant to the Fire Marshal is an offence under this Act and anyone doing so may be subject to prosecution.

If during an inspection a violation of the Ontario Fire Code is found, the owner of the property will be given an inspection order noting the violation, the direction required and a time line to correct the violation.  Issues that affect the immediate life safety of occupants may proceed directly to prosecution.  An Inspector will re-inspect the property after the allowed time frame to confirm they violation has been corrected.  The owner of the property will be subject to a re-inspection fee as described in the Fire Prevention Fee Schedule. 

Failure to correct the violation(s) prior to the second re-inspection will result in prosecution.  The maximum fines per violation is $50,000 for an individual or $100,000 for a Corporation and up to a year incarceration.  Please note:  If a violation is found, the provision of time to correct this violation is a courtesy only.  We may prosecute at any time.  All property owners are expected to know their responsibilities under the Ontario Fire Code and properly maintain all buildings and systems at all times. If a violation is not corrected or is such that it immediately threatens the life and safety of those in the building, we may take further action under The Fire Protection and Prevention Act.   This may include ordering the building closed until such a time as repairs are completed or having such repairs corrected and issuing an Order to Pay Costs to the owner.

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