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Fire Safety Plan / Forms

Fire Safety Plan Templates

Click on the links below to download a fire safety plan template that can be customized


Fire Safety Plan - Blank Form

Users Guide For The Completion Of Your Fire Safety Plan

Information To Be Included In Your Fire Safety Plan


Additional Forms

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Checklist

Fire Watch Forms

Fire Watch Appendix

Duties under a Fire Watch

Tenant Information Page


The Ontario Fire Code requires a Fire Safety Plan for many properties or businesses. A Fire Safety Plan helps to ensure effective utilization of fire safety systems, equipment and procedures in a building to protect people from fire.

Please choose the Template that best suits your property and fill in the required information. A Fire Safety Plan is required to be reviewed regularly and any changes submitted to the London Fire Department. Please keep an electronic copy of your plan so changes can be made and submitted easily. When you have completed your plan, you may submit it 3 ways:

1. E-mail your completed plan here Submit Fire Safety Plan.  Please name your file with the property address.  Schematic drawings may be scanned and sent with this document.
2. By fax to 519-661-8419
3. By printing 2 (two) copies and bringing them to 400 Horton St, London, 3rd floor Fire Prevention Division.

When filling out these forms, please type your information into the highlighted areas. Check boxes can be filled out by double clicking on the area.  If the template contains information that does not apply to your building, it may be deleted.  If deleting areas or pages, please remember to adjust the Table of Contents if necessary.

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