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Urban Forestry

We have approximately 7 million trees in the City of London, UFORE 2008.  Did you know that more than 120 species of trees grow on City-owned property in the Forest City?

Trees provide countless benefits to our community beyond their aesthetic appeal.  Supporting and improving the urban tree canopy delivers a wide range of economic, ecological and social benefits to the community:

  • Trees save energy consumption that would be used to run air conditioning or to heat spaces in winter;
  • Trees act as "living filters" which play an essential role in removing pollution from the air we breath and the water we drink;
  • Trees provide organic material to fertilize soil;
  • Trees serve as a source of food;
  • Trees provide shelter for wildlife;
  • Trees reduce soil erosion;
  • Trees reduce storm water runoff;
  • Trees beautify our homes;
  • Trees provide comforting shade in summer;
  • Trees provide shelter from winter winds;
  • A single tree can grow to manufacture five pounds of pure oxygen per day; and,
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide to fight the "greenhouse effect".

Like other elements of the City's infrastructure systems (roads, sidewalks, sewer/water pipes and so on) trees require ongoing care and maintenance.  Forestry Operations is responsible for all care and maintenance of City trees on Streets, Boulevards, Parks, and City Woodlands except Environmentally Significant Areas.

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