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Forestry Operations

What does Forestry Operations do?

The City of London Forestry Operations department has the role of maintaining all trees on City property including boulevards, parks and woodlands.  More detailed information is provided in the links below.

Our staff of professional Arborists inspect and evaluate City trees on a regular basis to ensure City trees are safe and maintained with current arboriculture practices. 

If we encounter wildlife in a tree that requires removal, we follow our Humane Urban Wildlife Policy.  To review this policy, follow the link provided below.

If any City tree on the boulevard, park, or woodland is in need of maintenance or inspection, please call our Forestry Dispatcher and we will come out for an inspection and recommend the proper course of action for that tree.  Only City staff or their designate are allowed to do work on City trees.  If there is an emergency tree concern after normal working hours, please call our emergency dispatch number at 519-661-4965 and your concern will be addressed.

What can I do?

Londoners can assist with the establishment of new trees on their boulevard by watering them during dry periods defined in the link below.

What can I not do?

City trees located on the boulevard are protected under the Boulevard Tree Protection By-Law.  Information with respect to what can and cannot be done to City trees can be found in the Boulevard Tree Protection By-law linked below. 

All other City trees are protected under the new Tree Protection By-Law and it can be found in the Tree Protection By-law or the Parks and Recreation Area By-law linked below.

If you have questions as whether a tree belongs to the City, please give our Forestry Dispatcher a call or you can check yourself using the City of London Tree Inventory System.