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Tree Planting

Tree Planting









Boulevard Tree Planting Program

The Boulevard Tree Planting Program can be divided into 3 separate programs, each with its own procedures and practices. We have the New Subdivision program, the Infill program and the Downtown projects program and they are described as follows:

New Subdivision Trees

In all newly built subdivisions, the developer is responsible for the planning and cost of tree planting. They submit a plan to the City of London for approval and upon acceptance, receive authorization of assumption with regards to the trees. Within one year of assumption, the City of London will use that plan and tender a contract to have all the trees planted within that subdivision and invoice the developer for that amount. This allows the City to retain control of the quality of planting and enable them to accurately inventory the trees and follow up on the 2 year warranty on the trees. The trees are planned according to a block system where no more than 3-5 species are planted in a row, with both side of the road matching to create a uniform canopy over the road. The selection and placement of species is based on the City of London’s guidelines for tree planting. There is little room for the request, by homeowners, of specific trees that are not on the plan, but it may be possible to switch species depending on where in the block the homeowner lives.

Infill Trees

The Infill program can be divided into 3 areas: Replacement of trees, Request for new trees, and Pro-active infill of trees.

Replacement – The City of London tries to replace all trees that have been removed due to construction, storms, or poor health. This normally takes place within one year of the tree being removed. Each site is assessed to determine if there is room to replant. The size of the tree to be planted is based on the amount of available soil and the presence of utilities, both above and below the ground. This assessment is based on the City of London’s guidelines for planting trees linked below. The largest tree possible is always the first choice when planting. Homeowners are notified in advance and it is possible for them to request a specific tree from our list of approved trees, included in the link below.

Request – Homeowners in the City of London may request to have a tree planted on the boulevard in front of their house. The City will assess the site and consult with the homeowner as to the type of tree suitable for that site. All requests will be added to the inventory work order system and will be planted within one year of the request.

Pro-active – The City of London does engage in actively planting on open boulevard spaces throughout the city. These are usually large open spaced areas which are not specifically managed by any homeowners. It is our commitment to reforest any boulevard space unless it is going to be utilized as open space.

Downtown Projects

The City of London is actively trying to bring trees to the Downtown core of London by utilizing current technology to create planting spaces which will sustains trees and create a downtown canopy. This includes forming large planting beds, replacing gravel under sidewalks with engineered soils and planting species tolerant to the harsh climate of the downtown. As new technology and techniques become available, the City will explore expanding and utilizing any methods which will bring more trees downtown.


For more information on tree planting or to request a tree, please contact our Forestry office at 519-661-CITY (2489) Ext. 5783. 

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