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Tree Planting Strategy

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Tree Planting Strategy cover pagePlant More - Tree Planting Strategy (2017-2021)


The Plant More - Tree Planting Strategy outlines the first five year "Action Plan" to reach the goal of increasing London's tree canopy cover to 34% by 2065.  The "Action Plan" includes the following:

  1. Implement Planting Strategy for Achievable Canopy Cover Targets
  2. Plant More - On Public Lands
  3. Plant More - On Private Lands
  4. Plant Better - Implement Best Practices

The Strategy will require close partnerships with the community to be successful as approximately 89% of planting opportunities are located on private land.  The tracking and monitoring of tree planting will be very important during the initial years.  This will help us better understand tree establishment success and mortality so that overall expenses to plant trees can be reduced and grow the canopy quicker.  This strategy is a living document that will be reviewed and revised every five (5) years as best management practices are investigated and adopted.

More information about the Strategy can be found in the backgrounder document.

Contact Us!

Want to help reach our goal of 34% tree canopy cover by 2065?  Do you have an idea for partnering with Urban Forestry to plant trees on private property?  Contact us at


In 2014, The City of London adopted "The City of London Urban Forestry Strategy - Enhancing The Forest City" .  The long term vision of the strategy is a healthy, diverse and extensive urban forest for today and the future.  London is The Forest City.  The guiding principles to implement the strategy are to plant more, protect more, maintain better and engage the community.

City Council

The Plant More - Tree Planting Strategy was approved by City Council on November 14, 2017.

This Strategy is the main pillar of "Plant More" of The City of London Urban Forest Strategy.  It also supports the policies of The London Plan and Council's 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.

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