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Tree Resources

Native hazelnuts Corylus americana

Education and Outreach

Information relating to Trees and the Urban Forest will be posted here to help our community paticipate in learning about our Urban Forest.  Here you will find out more information on how to implement the Urban Forest Strategy and learn about currentTree issues.

Events and Activities

Events and Activities

Information regarding upcoming events and activities that are happening within the City of London. 

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FAQs - Other Tree Information

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  • Why do we need more Trees?

    We are The Forest City!

    Trees provide countless benefits to our community beyond their aesthetic appeal.  Supporting and improving the urban tree canopy delivers a wide range of economic, ecological and social benefits to the community.  Follow the link below for more information:

  • Where can I get a Free Tree?

    Follow the links provided below to obtain free or discounted trees.

    Free Trees

    Organizations that will donate seedlings for giveaways

    Larger Trees for Discount

    If you would like the City to plant a tree on the Boulevard outside of your home, please make a request through the Service London Portal provided below:

  • What is eating my Tree?

    If you have an insect issue, you may find the answer Insect Identification Tool linked below:

  • What disease is attacking my Tree?
  • I need help with Wildlife. Who do I call?

    The City of London and various Agencies provide services for rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife with the city limits.  Please go to the information page linked below:

  • Where are our Heritage Trees in the City of London?

    Follow the link provided below to the City of London's webpage on Heritage Trees.

  • Which Trees provide us with food?

    Many of our native trees provide food such as Maple Syrup, Nuts and Berries.  To find out more information, follow the links provided below:

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