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Monitoring of Biological (Benthic) Quality

Bottom fauna sampling is a biological method of studying aquatic life forms to gather information on water quality. A collecting net called a Surber sampler, as well as a metal clamp called an Eckman sampler are used to collect the aquatic invertebrates from rivers and streams.


The City of London has conducted benthic monitoring on the Thames River, Dingman Creek, Medway Creek, Pottersburg Creek and Stoney Creek. The reports can be down loaded from the following links:



The Ministry of the Environment has asked the City of London to hire a consultant to do benthic monitoring of the Thames River and Dingman Creek for the expansion of the Oxford Wastewater Treatment Plant and the construction of the Wonderland Pumping Station.  The reports for background conditions prior to construction are the 2006 and 2007 reports done by ZEAS.


Thames River Benthic Reports



Dingman Creek Benthic Reports



Stoney Creek Benthic Reports