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How Green is London?

The City of London has been working with Environics Analytics to help us understand Londoners’ key environmental motivators. In addition to providing valuable information and insight for many different City-driven projects and programs, the report, Analyzing Environmental Perceptions, Attitudes and Actions of Londoners, provides very useful background information to assist many different individuals and organizations including:

  • Anyone involved with community engagement outreach, will gain a better understanding of the appropriate mix of community engagement methods and outreach approaches to increase the ability of reaching residents. For example, to try out a new environmental-related activity, the information provides a good understanding of where the most or least receptive neighbourhoods may be found in London.
  • Community and environmental groups can use this information to find the best neighbourhoods in London to try out a new environmental-related activity, recruit volunteers for projects, programs and membership, etc.
  • Local businesses offering “green” products and services can use this information to help find the best markets for these products and services.
  • Teachers and college/university professors can use this information to assist with curriculum development as well as research project topics.
  • Students can use this information to assist with projects and research papers.
  • Utility and similar companies looking to promote conservation programs in specific areas of London can use this information to develop both the key messages and the best media to use for their programs.

Where Does This Information Come From?

Environics Analytics compiled this information from their PRIZMC2 segmentation system that classifies Canada’s neighbourhoods into over 60 unique lifestyle types, referred to as “segments” of the population. PRIZMC2 integrates information from the 2011 Census, marketing surveys and databases such as the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) and Numeris (formerly the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement, or BBM Canada), and Environics Analytics’ own internal research into social values and demographics.  

What Has Been Learned?

Environics Analytics have broken down Londoners’ environmental perceptions and attitudes into eight segments, including:

It is important to note that demographic information such as this provides a broad picture of the predominant characteristics of these communities. However people fitting these descriptions can be found throughout London.

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