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Things you can do for FREE

  • Wash your clothes in cold water 80-90% of the energy used in washing clothes is used to heat water

  • Contact Union Gas to get a hot water energy saving kit

  • Unplug your second refrigerator or freezer if it is not in use - you could save $125 per year.  Check out Fridge and Freezer Pick Up Program  for incentives.

  • Ride your bike.  You'll save 10c a km on gas and feel great.

  • Carpool.  Register for free and to find other carpool partners

  • Don't idle for more than 10 seconds - idling longer than 10 seconds wastes gas and is bad for your engine.

  • Walk to local shops.

Things you can do for under $100

  • Install a programmable thermostat and you can save up to $100 a year!

  • Purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs - they use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and pay for themselves within a couple of months.

  • Plug DVD players, game consoles and TVs into a power bar to ensure that the power is turned off.  On average, 40% of all electricity used to power home electricity is consumed while the products are "off".

  • Collect rainwater for watering gardens and your lawn.

  • Check for leaky toilets and dripping faucets.

Things that cost more but pay you back over time

  • Replace older appliances with new, energy-saving appliances.  Look for items with the ENERGY STAR Logo

  • Sell solar and wind power back to the province with the microFIT program

  • For more information on programs for your home, visit the Ministry of Energy page

Four Seasons Check List


  • Book a service call for your central air conditioning system

  • Tune up you bicycle

  • Aerate & fertilize your lawn in late spring

  • Install a rain barrel

  • Plant native perennial plants in your garden and reconsider the amount of lawn you need.


  • Set your thermostat to 25'C

  • Shift what appliance use you can to off-peak hours (after 7 p.m. or all-day on weekends).

  • Use a clothesline for free wind and solar power to dry your clothes.

  • Close you curtains on sunny days to keep your house cooler.

  • Use fans to make a cool breeze inside and reduce your air conditioning use.

  • Use a lawn watering gage to prevent overwatering - 2.5 cm a week is all your lawn needs.

  • Replace you old gas-powered lawn mower with a manual push mower or electric mower.


  • Book a service call for your furnace.

  • Keep curtains open during sunny day and closed at night to save energy in the colder months.

  • Check the weather stripping around the windows and doors.

  • Mulch your leaves and leave them on the lawn as a natural fertilizer.

  • Set your thermostat to 20'C (and 18'C when you are sleeping or away).


  • Change or clean your furnace filters every two months.

  • Use a clothes drying rack to save money and reduce wear & tear on your clothes.

  • Warm up you car by driving it instead of idling.

  • Look for icicles from your roof as a sign of heat loss.