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Image of walking path through carolinian forest

Carolinian Canada

The Carolinian Life Zone is located in southwestern Ontario and is one of North America’s most vibrant but fragile ecoregions. It contains 25% of Canada’s population but consists only of 0.25% of Canada’s area. It is estimated that 90% of Canada’s Carolinian Forest has already been destroyed and the remaining portions are scattered and disconnected. The Carolinian Life Zone also has over 60 species at risk. The Carolinian Canada Coalition’s is a registered charity and ecoregional group whose role is to bring together diverse communities of people from different areas of expertise to support and protect this region. Their goal is to preserve protect and restore the nature and species of the Carolinian Life Zone. They also want to educate the public so they understand the importance of conserving the natural features and biodiversity of this ecoregion.

Carolinian Canada also has a student internship program where they connect students from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Waterloo to do work with employers that do work related to the Carolinian Life Zone. Through this program, the City of London has hired Michael Czarny from the University of Waterloo to work on a strategic plan to control the invasive species in London.

From the research he has done he has concluded that one of the worst things we are doing to contribute to the spread of invasive species is composting natural waste where it is not meant to be composted. When natural materials are not properly disposed, they have a chance of spreading the seeds or fragments of invasive plants that can rapidly grow and out-compete native plants in their area. Areas where this occurs, the biodiversity can deteriorate to a point where the area cannot be restored to its past state. These areas lessen in value to the community and become problematic for the city.

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