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Invasive plants along the Thames River

London Invasive Plant Management Strategy

Invasive plants are an increased threat to London ecosystems, economy, and social and recreational environments. As many invasive plant species lack natural enemies, they can out-compete colonies of important native vegetation, negatively altering existing ecosystem function and recreational enjoyment.  To combat this issue, the City initiated the London Invasive Plant Management Strategy in 2017.

All invasive species have negative impacts, however some species can cause ongoing significant impacts to London's Natural Heritage System and/or public health and safety.  As a result, the City will focus on the following species by designating them as "priority species" and creating species specific management strategies.  At this time, the Phragmites management plan is the only plan being developed.  However, future invasive programs will be developed for Japanese Knotweed, Dog Strangling Vine, Common and Glossy Buckthorn and Giant Hogweed.

Invasive Management Strategy

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