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Image of deer in Sifton Bog

White-Tailed Deer in the City of London

The presence of white-tailed deer within our City limits has been receiving greater attention over the past decade from concerned citizens.  Some of the concerns that have been raised by the public include: the increasing number of deer-vehicle collisions,  damage to residential landscape plantings and property, and perceived overabundant population in the Sifton Bog Environmentally Significant Area and other areas of the City.

This issue is not confined to the Sifton Bog or the City of London issue.  The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has been dealing with rising deer populations on provincial lands for several years, farmers have noted increased crop destruction and many of the northeastern American states are grappling with the issue of lethal vs. non-lethal management options.

To address the deer population at the Sifton Bog a Steering Committee was formed in 2001 with representatives from the local community, the City, the MNR and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA).  This committee investigated the management options available to reduce the perceived overabundant population of deer. In addition, the City and the UTRCA have consulted other municipalities, experts in wildlife management, and the city's own Risk Management and Transportation Departments to determine the best way to deal with urban deer.

Additional information

For more detailed information regarding general deer biology, the impacts of deer, the advantages and disadvantages of several lethal and non-lethal management options, and the results from the White-Tailed Deer Community Steering Committee, you can visit the website of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority or contact the City of London Parks Planning Division at 519 661-4980.

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