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Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs) have beautiful natural features and perform ecological functions that warrant their protection in a natural state. City-owned ESAs have a purpose and function distinct from City parks as governed by the Official Plan. The City, in partnership with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA), manages our ESAs; Kilally Meadows, Meadowlily Woods, Medway Valley Heritage Forest, Sifton Bog, Warbler Woods, Kains Woods, The Coves, Lower Dingman, Westminster Ponds / Pond Mills, Pottersburg Valley, and Kelly Stanton. Any of our City-owned ESAs are eligible for ‘adoption’. As our ESAs are so large, a section of the ESA can be identified. Many existing Adopt-an-ESA groups are welcoming new members to participate in local stewardship.

Stewardship of your adopted ESA can include:

  • Litter clean-up along managed trails
  • Exotic / Invasive species removal
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Observation and reporting of hazards

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