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Corporate Energy Management Program

The City of London Corporation is leading the way in energy management and energy conservation!

Retrofits to improve efficiency in municipal buildings has been ongoing since the early 1990s.  City traffic signals have been converted to high efficiency LED lights and new buildings are being designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards.  Green Fleet initiatives, including using alternative fuels, purchasing hybrid vehicles and using smaller cars and trucks are underway and we continue to maximize efficiency through technological change.

The following series of reports highlight and capture the major components and actions of the City's Corporate Energy Management Program:

2017 Corporate Energy Consumption and Activities Report

This report provides a summary of the City of London’s 2017 annual energy consumption, GHG emissions and Energy efficiency projects for all operations. The document provides a total of all significant energy costs associated with City of London operations. In addition to reporting requirements mandated by the Green Energy Act, 2009 and Ontario Regulation 397/11, information on all energy consuming infrastructure (e.g., street lighting, sports fields) as well as fleet fuel and employee travel has been included to provide a complete picture of energy needs for our municipal operations. This year’s report also summarizes a selection of the significant energy management projects and supporting initiatives completed in 2017 which resulted in efficient municipal building and infrastructure stock.

City of London Corporate Energy Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Plan

is a mandatory submission identified in the Green Energy Act, 2009 and Ontario Regulation 397/11. The City of London is required to prepare and post a CDM plan as a guideline to encourage energy conservation and demand management activities by outlining a strategy for energy reduction targets and identifying future conservation potentials and measures. The CDM Plan is posted to meet regulatory requirements. In addition, City staff will be presenting the CDM Plan to the Civic Works Committee on July 21, 2014 and then to Council for final approval.

Culture of Conservation – The Next Steps

describes the engagement of City of London staff and stakeholders in energy conservation initiatives.  The need for an internal “Culture of Conservation” program is key to the development of the five-year energy conservation and demand management (CDM) plans to show commitment to reducing cost, conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas generation and our environmental footprint.


2012 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Ministry of Energy)

is a tabular report prepared for the Ministry of Energy to support the province’s reporting requirements. Beginning in July of 2013, it became mandatory for municipalities to submit this report annually and make this report available to the public. A copy of the City of London’s submission is publicly available and is accessible by the following link: 2012 - Green Energy Act. 2009 O.Reg. 397/11 Submission.

With the preparation of these reports and measures, the City of London has set the stage for preparing a strategic plan to focus on corporate energy goals and objectives for energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy demand management.  This future report will be called the City of London Corporate Energy CDM Plan and will fulfil the reporting requirements for the Ministry of Energy’s Green Energy Act and Ontario Regulation 397/11.

London is already a leader in energy management - and we are committed to doing even better!


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