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Community Energy Action Plan

London’s 2014-2018 Community Energy Action Plan builds upon what City staff learned through Rethink Energy London and supporting activities, and sets out an action plan with the following key principles:

  1. This needs to be the Community’s plan for London, not the City of London’s plan for the community.
  2. We can’t control the price of energy, but we can control the cost of energy.
  3. Start first with conservation.
  4. Get the function and size right.
  5. Invest in energy efficiency and good design.
  6. Make use of free heat and free light.
  7. Reduce waste.
  8. Make it local.
  9. Build on local strengths.
  10. Use renewable energy.
  11. Measure your progress.
  12. Share your stories.

As of August 2018, over one-quarter of the CEAP’s strategies have been fully-implemented and an additional 60 percent of strategies are well underway. Almost two-thirds (26 of 40) of the City-led actions in support of the CEAP’s strategies have also been completed, with an additional one-third (13 actions) nearing completion.

London's CEAP 2014-2018: A Mid-Term Review provides an overview of London's progress to date.

For more information, please read the August 13, 2018 CEAP Status Update report to the Civic Works Committee on the Council and Committee Meetings page.

London’s energy-using stakeholders have also been taking action, with some examples outlined here:

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