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Community Energy Action Plan

London’s Community Energy Action Plan builds upon what City staff learned through Rethink Energy London and supporting activities, and sets out an action plan with the following key principles:


  1. This needs to be the Community’s plan for London, not the City of London’s plan for the community.
  2. We can’t control the price of energy, but we can control the cost of energy.
  3. Start first with conservation.
  4. Get the function and size right.
  5. Invest in energy efficiency and good design.
  6. Make use of free heat and free light.
  7. Reduce waste.
  8. Make it local.
  9. Build on local strengths.
  10. Use renewable energy.
  11. Measure your progress.
  12. Share your stories.

London’s Community Energy Action Plan will be a “living document”, as the actions taken by the City of LondoCEAP Cover Imagen and community stakeholders are expected to grow and change over time. In fact, we have chosen to deliberately leave sections of the action plan blank to remind Londoners that we need to hear about what actions they are taking. In order to keep the Community Energy Action Plan focused on “just the actions”, we have placed all of the plan’s supporting information within the following documents.Understanding the Data Report Cover


Understanding the Data summarizes all of the information that City staff have regarding energy use in London and the associated environmental issues.


Learning from People


Learning from People summarize all of the information that City staff have regarding what Londoners and key energy stakeholders in London think we should do on the topic of sustainable energy.

Share your Stories



Reporting on Progress outlines how City staff will keep Council and Londoners informed on the progress being made on London’s Community Energy Action Plan.


Share Your Stories at Reduce Impact London!

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