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London's Rapid Transit Initiative

Rapid Transit in London

The City of London has long prioritized transportation planning as a key foundation of overall city-building and development. How easy – or difficult – it is to get around a city impacts citizens’ ability to get to work, school, appointments and events. It plays an important role in their ability to engage and participate in the community. Good transportation planning enhances quality of life for all citizens – whether they drive, bike, walk or use transit – no matter where they live in the city.

The City has identified rapid transit as an opportunity to improve mobility for all Londoners.

The vision for London’s Rapid Transit System is closely intertwined with The London Plan, which outlines a big picture vision for where and how the city will grow – and emphasizes building around rapid transit corridors. London’s Rapid Transit plans address mobility needs for all Londoners and support improved traffic flow across the city. They are linked to the City’s vision of inward, upward growth.

In May 2018, City Council approved the preliminary designs for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in London. On March 28, 2019, the City of London filed a Notice of Completion for the Environmental Assessment on these designs.

Completion of the Environmental Assessment provides a foundation for the City to move forward any or all elements of the Rapid Transit project in accordance with the Environmental Project Report.

The foundations for Rapid Transit were set through the Smart Moves Transportation Master Plan and the Rapid Transit Master Plan. Transportation mobility is a pillar of The London Plan.

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