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Shift - Our Rapid Transit Initiative

Rapid Transit in London

The City of London is entering a new chapter in its history - one that is focused on improving mobility options for residents. Shift is a bold and important initiative for transportation for London. If focuses on Rapid Transit as part – along with cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians – of the transportation system that will help our city grow and prosper.

Shift - Moving London Forward
What does Shift mean for London?

Shift will define:

  • where Rapid Transit will go
  • what it will look like, and
  • and how it will be implemented.


The foundations for Rapid Transit were set through the Smart Moves Transportation Master Plan and transportation mobility is a pillar of The London Plan draft.

Shift is about finding environmentally sustainable ways to move people in London faster and create great places to live and work. And, it’s about developing the foundations to make London attractive for investment.

Shift starts with an Environmental Assessment (EA) – a public process that provides all citizens with an opportunity to have input in planning and designing a rapid transit network. 

The Rapid Transit Corridors Study will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process, which is an approved process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.  The first stage of the study will prepare a Master Plan for Rapid Transit in accordance with Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class EA process.  The second stage will involve the completion of a Schedule ‘C’ EA for the preferred initial corridor or corridors.

Follow the project, and find more opportunities to participate on the Shift website.

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