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One River EA

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At its meeting on May 17, 2016, Council considered a staff report regarding the “One River” Master Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) approach. Council passed a resolution that included the following direction:

“That the Civic Administration BE DIRECTED to develop a Terms of Reference and budget for a consultant to complete a “One River” Master Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) Study that would encompass an area from the Boler Road bridge to the Forks of the Thames and Harris Park, having regard to the Thames Valley Corridor Plan, the City of London’s Official Plan, Species at Risk and any other relevant data and report back to the Civic Works Committee with the draft Terms of Reference, including time lines and decision making points for the Study for approval; it being understood that proceeding with this EA would not preclude a decision to decommission the Springbank Dam should the Municipal Council choose to do so.”

Various meetings held from July to September of 2016 with agencies and First Nations communities contributed to the formation of the project’s Terms of Reference. Feedback received during the Public Information Meeting held March 8, 2016 has also been incorporated. The study area for the One River Master Plan Environmental Assessment has been delineated to include the “Forks Area” as outlined in the Back to the River initiative as well as the area where the water level was historically influenced by the use of the Springbank Dam.

The goal of the Terms of Reference is to provide a high-level road map for the One River Master Plan Environmental Assessment process built upon regulatory authority requirements. The following document provides an outline of the overall project timeline and provides a list of key Council decision points and project milestones. A copy of the Terms of Reference, adopted by Council November 8, 2016, has been included below.

One River EA Study Area

Terms of Reference - One River EA

Civic Works Committee Report - One River EA Terms of Reference - Nov 1, 2016

Civic Works Committee Report – One River EA Consultant Appointment – February 21, 2017

One River Notice of Commencement - July 20, 2017

One River Notice of Public Information Centre No. 1

One River Notice of Public Participation Meeting - January 9, 2018

This study is being completed in the context of many other ongoing efforts to improve the health of the Thames River and its social role in central London. It can also serve as a First Nations relationship building opportunity. The Thames River Clear Water Revival, Pollution Prevention and Control Plan, The London Plan , and the previously completed Thames River Valley Corridor Plan will all have a role in improving the social benefits and water quality of the Thames River. The One River Master Plan Environmental Assessment will have regard for these plans and their future impact on the study area.


If you have any comments regarding the Terms of Reference feel free to email us at These comments will aid the project team in developing the study process moving forward. One River EA project website has been developed to receive the public’s input, participate online at

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