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Long Term Water Storage

The City of London is supplied with water from two lake based sources, the Lake Huron Regional Water Supply System and the Elgin Area Water Supply System (Lake Erie).

In the event of a disruption or reduction in water supply, and to supply adequate water pressure, the City has reservoirs to maintain uninterrupted service.  These reservoirs are shown in the figure below and include the Arva Reservoir & Pump Station, the Springbank Reservoirs & Pump Station, the Southeast Reservoir & Pump Station, and the Elgin-Middlesex Reservoir.

To address future water storage needs, the City is undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to determine a preferred site (or sites) for additional water storage to meet future growth and ongoing emergency supply and distribution needs.  Additionally, this project will consider the feasibility of retiring the existing Springbank Reservoir #2 and the previously disconnected McCormick Reservoir, as well as options for standby power for the water distribution pumps at the existing Arva Pump Station.

Reservoir Location Figure





Public Notifications

Notice of Project Commencement & Public Information Centre #1

Notice of Public Information Centre #2

Public Information Centre #1

Date Held:   Wednesday June 20, 2018

PIC #1 Information Display Boards (10 slides)

PIC #1 Comment Sheet (1 page)

Public Information Centre #2

Date Held:   Wednesday November 28, 2018

PIC #2 Information Display Boards (17 slides)

PIC #2 Comment Sheet (1 page)

Notice of Completion

Issue Date: July 11, 2019

Notice of Project Completion (2 pages)

Municipal Class EA Project File (285 pages)

Project file will be placed on public record July 11, 2019 to August 26, 2019 for forty-five (45) calendar days to be reviewed by members of the public and/or any other interested party.

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