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Hyde Park Community Storm Drainage Addendum

Hyde Park Community Storm Drainage and Stormwater Management Servicing Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Addendum



In 2002, the City of London completed a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to meet planned growth and address stormwater quality, quantity and erosion control measures for the Hyde Park area.  To date, four of six recommended stormwater management facilities (SWMFs) have been constructed along with improvements to the Stanton Drain. Several interim SWMFs have also been constructed to address growth demands as development has occurred.

In consideration of the SWMFs implemented to date, new stormwater management policy and permitting requirements and anticipated development patterns, the City is preparing an update to the original storm drainage and stormwater management servicing strategy.



The update will be documented in an addendum to the 2002 Class EA that considers optimizing the operation of existing SWMFs, the location and design of future SWMFs, the implementation of low impact development measures and permanent private systems (PPSs). The recommended strategy will include environmental protection requirements that enhance the water resources and ecological system’s functionality. Other considerations include planned road improvements, connection with recreational paths/trails and property requirements. The recommended stormwater management servicing strategy identifies a number of planned projects that will be presented to the public and interested stakeholders for review and comment. 

The EA addendum study will allow for the Hyde Park area stormwater servicing plan to be refined to reflect the City’s current policies and development build out. The EA addendum study will consider Low Impact Development strategies and the City’s current Permanent Private Stormwater Systems policy in developing the preferred servicing solution. 


Public Information Centre meeting (June 27, 2017) Information boards

Report - Hyde Park SWM EA Addendum - Nov 2018

Appendix - Hyde Park SWM EA Addendum - Nov 2018

Hyde Park Community EA (2002)


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