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Huron Industrial Lands Stormwater Management Facility Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

Huron Industrial Lands Stormwater Management Facility Municipal Class Environmental Assessment


The City of London currently lacks a sufficient supply of serviced, shovel-ready industrial land. In order to prepare for potential economic development opportunities as recommended in the City of London’s Industrial Land Development Strategy (ILDS), the Huron Industrial Lands Master Servicing Strategy (MSS) was completed in 2019 to identify recommended water, sanitary, and stormwater management  (SWM) servicing solutions to address future development of the study area. In order to implement the SWM facility and associated outlet as recommended in the MSS, a Schedule B Municipal Class EA is required to develop site-specific implementation considerations to reduce net impacts to the surrounding environmental features and functions. The Huron Industrial Lands SWM Facility Class EA is being undertaken to develop an environmentally sensitive and sustainable implementation plan that encourages public, agency, and Indigenous Community input.

The intent of the Huron Industrial Lands SWM Facility Schedule B Class EA is to:

  • Confirm the location of the Huron Industrial SWM Facility and outlet servicing future industrial developments to mitigate impacts to surrounding sensitive natural features;
  • Identify quality and quantity controls to protect downstream aquatic habitats;
  • Mitigate downstream erosion and channel stability concerns;
  • Identify a cost-effective solution; and
  • Address other applicable local, provincial, and federal policy requirements

A Public Information Centre was held April 4th, 2019 at the UTRCA Watershed Conservation Centre to present information on the study.

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