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Slope issue

Adapting to Climate Change

London’s weather is changing. We can expect that there will be more frequent snow squalls and river flooding events, plus warmer evening summer temperatures. Adapting to a changing climate requires taking action to protect our natural, built and social environments. Planning now will help Londoners and City workers reduce the negative impacts expected from extreme weather conditions. Pro-actively adapting appropriate strategies will lead to greater safety and well–being than simply waiting for change to happen.

Examples of topics under review include:

  • Thames River and flood impacts on infrastructure
  • Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Slope stability study
  • Emergency management preparations
  • Business continuity planning

An interdisciplinary team from City of London service areas and London agencies are working to inventory climate change risks and analyze which approaches commonly used by municipalities will shape London’s approach to Climate Change Adaptation. This group will recommend methods of prudent management of existing and new assets to reduce the extent of harm and related future costs associated with climate change. The goal is to incorporate adaptation management decisions into standard operating procedures that will reduce the vulnerability of the City, its citizens and its assets.

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