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Know the Risks

In the City of London, we are fortunate to live in a relatively safe region of Canada. However, that does not mean that we are immune to the possibility of a large-scale emergency.

Disasters and emergencies are unpredictable. They can strike anytime and anywhere. Often they occur with very little warning. Although the likelihood that one will occur in our area may seem like a remote possibility, our region of Ontario is susceptible to severe storms, flooding, winter blizzards, and tornadoes.

Every year communities such as ours experience events that pose a significant risk to the lives, health, safety and property of the people in them. Emergencies have the potential to affect large numbers of people and produce substantial damage to property.

A hazard identification and risk assessment study conducted by the City of London has identified the following potential hazards in our region:

Severe weather and other meteorological events

  • Snow and ice storms
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Severe thunderstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, floods, brush fires

Major Accidents

  • Hazardous materials incidents
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Transportation accidents (road and air) and train derailments
  • Water contamination

Technological Failures

  • Extended power outages
  • Communications and network interruptions
  • Bank system failures

Disease Outbreaks

  • Widespread health emergencies
  • Human or animal borne diseases
  • Influenza and pandemic

Intentional Acts

  • Arson
  • Crime
  • Protests and civil unrest
  • Terrorism

The City of London works with area railways to understand the types of goods their trains carry through London. The Canadian Pacific and Canadian National have made available a list of dangerous goods flowing through each municipality. The City and railways have held joint emergency planning exercises and training to improve response capabilities. The City also has emergency response plans specific to the rail lines and their operations in London.

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