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Vehicles for Hire Cannot Charge Higher Fees for Persons with Disabilities

As a new season of Vehicle for Hire licensing begins today, City staff remind drivers and passengers of a regulation amendment to the Vehicle for Hire By-law.  

The amendment reads:

3.0 Consumer Protection – Notification of Fares

3.1 Every Broker shall submit to the Licence Manager a schedule of fares for all orders for transportation services except those made through mobile applications (apps), including any discounts, promotions, or other similar marketing advertisements.

3.2 Every Cab, Accessible Cab and Limousine (Executive) shall have posted in the interior of the vehicle, a public notification notice, supplied by the municipality and visible to the passengers, stating that persons with disabilities cannot be charged a higher fare or additional fee for the storage of mobility aids.

The City of London is providing vehicles for hire a sticker to attach to their window, so that all customers are aware of this.


Did you know sticker. Disabilities cannot be charged a higher fare or additional fee