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Vehicle- For- Hire Safety Reminder

There has been a recent  increase of vehicle-for-hire rides being offered on social medial platforms such as Kijiji.  Recently City Council passed a new Vehicle-for-Hire By-law allowing for licensed drivers to offer rides in their private vehicles through approved transportation network companies such as Uber.  

“Accepting a ride advertised on the internet means you know nothing about the driver and nothing about the car,” says Orest Katolyk, Chief Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. It is simply unsafe.  “There are many other options – taxis, limousines and licensed private vehicles. We hear too often about alleged sexual assaults in unlicensed vehicles. We want to avoid that in London.”

This past week, three drivers offering rides via Kijiji were charged under the Vehicle-for-Hire By-law. The first time ticket for this offence is $1,000. The maximum fine for subsequent convictions is $50,000.

For their safety, prospective passengers should use only licensed vehicles operating through licensed brokers. All approved private vehicles- for -hire must have front and rear window signage when offering rides to the public.