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Londoners Celebrate World Environment Day with Viewing of The Big Leak

On June 5, Londoners gathered at Wolf Performance Hall to celebrate World Environment Day with a special viewing of The Big Leak episode from TVO’s The Water Brothers, an eco-adventure TV series.

The Big Leak highlights problems facing outdated North American water infrastructure networks and the flushing of wipes and other items labelled as flushable. Millions of dollars are being spent on cleaning, repairing or the replacement of essential equipment because toilets are being treated like garbage cans. Portions of The Big Leak were filmed in London during the summer of 2016.

“The London community has participated in many outreach events highlighting the do’s and don’ts of what should go down our sinks and toilets,” said Barry Orr, Sewer Outreach and Control Inspector. “Over 75,000 Your Turn cups for fats, oils and grease disposal have been handed out, and improvements in London neighbourhoods on “toilets are not garbage cans” has reduced pumps blockages from non-flushable  now being disposed of in the garbage instead of the toilet. The Big Leak examines how the efforts of our community to protect our sewer infrastructure system will protect our overall water environment.”

The Water Brothers, Tyler and Alex Mifflin, joined the special viewing and spoke to the audience about the reality of conserving our most precious resource: water. The event was hosted in partnership with the London Public Library and also featured educational displays, student presentations, and a panel discussion.

The episode can be viewed online.