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Road Closures for September 28, 2019


On Saturday, September 28, the following streets will be closed to vehicles.

Audrey Avenue

Broughdale Avenue west of Richmond Street; 

All road closures are mapped on ReNew London.



Also on Saturday, September 28, there will be “no stopping anytime” zones on both sides of the following streets:

Huron Street between The Parkway and Richmond Street; 

Regent Street between The Parkway and Richmond Street; 

St. George Street between Regent Street and Huron Street; 

Sunset Street between Huron Street and Western University Entry; and, 

Talbot Street between Regent Street and Huron Street.


These no stopping anytime zones are pictured below:

Map highlighting Broughdale, Audrey, Huron, Regent, St. George, Sunset Talbot Streets. No Stopping











These road closures and limited access zones will be in place to manage traffic in the area of Broughdale and to allow access to first responders in the event of an emergency. All of the streets listed will have no parking or stopping on this day.

Any vehicles parked in these areas will be issued a parking fine and the vehicle will be towed to a temporary impound yard, where it can be retrieved by the owner.

Please note that Regent Street will be a vehicle for hire stand for taxis, limousines and private vehicles for hire (Uber).