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London Music Office Releases Results From London Music Census

Today, the London Music Office released results from the London Music Census, the first time London’s music industry has been the subject of a detailed census.

Conducted between July 5 and August 15, 2016, Londoners were encouraged to participate in the census by completing a series of surveys based on five categories; Musicians, Venues, Festival / Event Organizations, Music Industry and Music Fans. A total of 1,536 surveys were completed allowing for an analysis into the diversity of London’s music sector, the components and assets supporting the industry, and any barriers or gaps that exist.

“This is the first time London’s music sector has been the focus of such a census,” says Cory Crossman, Music Industry Development Officer. “The London Music Census provided an opportunity to understand our advantages, issues and any gaps faced by the growing local music industry in London. Through community and industry support we collected a database of assets and baseline figures for future analysis and measurement. Today, with the release of the census results, the London Music Strategy has been advanced significantly.”

The London Music Census is one tactic within the London Music Strategy which aims to promote culture as a key part of economic growth and quality of life as identified in Council’s 2015 -2019 Strategic Plan and Cultural Prosperity Plan for the City of London. 

“The London Music Strategy is a key part of growing our economy and promoting culture in London through our Strategic Plan,” said Mayor Matt Brown. “The results from the London Music Census will give us a detailed look at how we can cultivate and support London’s already eclectic and thriving music scene.”

Several themes emerged throughout the census enabling baselines to be set for future comparative studies, analysis between other cities, and provincial and federal music studies.

Key themes from the London Music Census:

  • London is a hub for emerging talent with 875 students studying music at post-secondary institutions
  • The live music sector is growing with 4,620 music events held in 2015 and new festivals introduced in 2016
  • Nearly half (44.7%) of musicians surveyed are strictly performing original music
  • The majority of musicians and businesses are working within the genres defined as ‘Popular Music'


  • London has a diverse mix of venues which includes 52 live music venues
  • Total seating capacity for London venues is 57,000
  • Over $ 7 million dollars earned in royalties by 1,203 music writers and publishers in London (2015)

Results from the London Music Census can be found at