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Community Celebrates Official Opening of London’s First Cycle Track

Today, the City of London and the Government of Canada along with its local cycling community celebrated the official opening of the Colborne Street Cycle Track.

“The Government of Canada is proud to have contributed to London’s cycling network with an investment through the federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund,” says MP Peter Fragiskatos. “Cycling infrastructure is a key part of the City’s integrated transportation system, providing a low-cost transportation choice. Today’s grand opening of the cycle track will promote active lifestyles and generate long-term prosperity for surrounding communities.”

ribbon cutting on colborne street cycle track



London Police, Dave Mitchell, Mayor Matt Brown, MP Peter Fragiskatos, MP Karen Vecchio and Doug MacRae cut the ribbon to officially open the Colborne Street cycle track.

The Government of Canada contributed $875,000 to this project through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, and this contribution was matched by the City for a project total of $1.75 M. A ceremonial ribbon cutting and bike ride marked the official opening of the new 900-metre cycle track spanning from Horton Street to Dufferin Ave in London’s downtown core. This includes new, fully separated one-way bike lanes on each side of the street. ­

“The new cycle track provides improved connectivity into and through our downtown. Separated infrastructure represents the first of many upgrades to come as we continue to work to build an active, environmentally friendly city.” said Mayor Matt Brown.

The Colborne Street Cycle Track separates cyclists from motorists by the use of bright green bollards and concrete barriers.

“Safety is a top priority when designing any road infrastructure. Advanced cycle track stop bars and green pavement markings have been incorporated to make cyclists more visible to motorists. Green bike boxes are also included at intersecting bike routes to help cyclists turn left.”

Motorists are reminded to shoulder check and yield to cyclists when making right turns.  Motorists should also stop before the green bike boxes during red traffic lights.

“This cycle track will help encourage cycling in the downtown,” says local cyclist Dave Mitchell. “This kind of infrastructure encourages more cyclists to ride with greater comfort and confidence.”

The Colborne Street Cycle Track aligns with the Vision Zero principles adopted in 2017 and contributes to the London Road Safety Strategy.

“The more we use the cycle track, the more ways we can justify a continued investment in separated cycling infrastructure across our City. Cycle counters have been installed on the new cycle track to keep track of these numbers,” says MacRae. 

The new cycle contributes to the City’s current cycling network that expands more than 300 kilometres.

“The cycle track was built to accommodate future connections. The new cycle track will be connected in all directions into the downtown and to the Old East Village once the eastwest bikeway evaluation and community conversation currently underway is complete,” says MacRae.

Separated cycling infrastructure supports Council’s Strategic Plan: Building a Sustainable City by implementing convenient and connected mobility choices and enhancing safety for all road users in the city. For tips on how to safely use the new cycle track and other cycling infrastructure in London, visit

Vision Zero London, London’s road safety strategy, aims to reduce the number and severity of collisions occurring on our roads and increase road safety for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike.