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City Council Briefs

You can get a quick overview of Council discussions and decisions in the briefs prepared by the City's Communications Division. Please note that the information you can access from the links below does not constitute the official record or minutes of the Council meeting and does not cover all items considered by Council.

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  • October 15, 2019

    Council Briefs:

    The ‘Up With Voices Singers’ sang O’Canada. This London-based group of singers is comprised of 10 residents who are seniors with developmental disabilities. This group is a joint venture between Community Living London and the Boys and Girls Club London, and is conducted by Mario Circelli.

    Councillor Josh Morgan recognized London teen Mae Jacobs who saved her siblings by helping them escape a fire in their family home in September.

    Councillor Shawn Lewis acknowledged Foster Parent Week and thanked all Londoners who have opened their homes in order to foster children.

    In other Council news: 

    Council received a report that provided an update on the work being done through the Core Area Informed Response and Resting Spaces project.

    Council approved the name ‘East Lions Community Centre’ for the new east community centre located at 1731 Churchill Avenue.

    Council asked staff to report back on regulatory options that could be put in place to address short-term rental accommodations in London.

    Council received the Masonville Transit Village Secondary Plan Update.

  • October 1, 2019

    Tara Dunphy opened the meeting with the singing of the national anthem. Tara is an award winning professional singer, songwriter and musician proudly based in London.  She is also the co-founder and leader of The Rizdales and an acclaimed jazz and Celtic artist.

    In Other Council News:

    Council awarded a five-year contract for an Automated Speed Enforcement Program to Redflex Traffic Systems (Canada) Limited.

    Council asked staff to report back on the impacts of changes to parking restrictions, looking at changing the timing of the parking ban program start from September to November, increasing the number of overnight parking passes that can be purchased and extending the amount of time a car can be parked on a non-metered street from 12 to 18 hours.

    Council approved changes to speed limits on local residential roads from 50 km per hour to 40 km per hour. Council also asked staff to report back with information from the London Transit Commission on the impact of changing speed limits on collector streets in residential areas as well as arterial roads within the downtown area. Further reducing school zones to 30 km/h is also being evaluated by staff.

    Council received the 2019 Operating Budget Mid-Year Monitoring Report – Property Tax, Water, Wastewater and Treatment Budgets, noting that there is currently a surplus.

  • September 17, 2019

    The national anthem was performed by Mike Trudge, a percussive, finger-style guitarist who is proud to call London home.

    Council recognized City of London employees who celebrate 25 years of service this year, and thanked them for their commitment to the community.

    In Other Council News:

    Council asked staff to hold a public participation meeting to invite suggestions and comments on a name for the East Community Centre that is currently under construction.

    Council asked staff to review the Business Licensing By-law to include Motor Vehicle Towing, and hold a public participation meeting about any proposed amendments.

    Council directed staff to review the Special Events Policies and Procedures Manual as it relates to Harris Park, with specific focus on sound levels, hours of operations and timing.

    Council approved a motion to appoint a member of staff to act as the Board for the Housing Development Corporation and London Middlesex Community Housing

  • August 26, 2019

    London resident Saveria Dipp sang the national anthem. Saveria is a 22 year-old singer and songwriter who has been performing since she was 8 years old. Her talents have taken her all over Canada, where she has performed in festivals, charity events, radio programs and on television.

    Council recognized Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Award recipients Alex Guo of Oakridge Secondary School and Emma Cervinka from Catholic Central High School. This scholarship provides $2000 to two distinguished students to use as they embark on their next chapter in life – post secondary education.

    The City of London was awarded the E.A. Danby Certificate of Merit by the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario for the 2018 Ranked Ballot Election.

    Council acknowledged and thanked first responders, City Staff and community organizations for their work in the hours and days following the explosion in Old East Village on August 15.

    In Other Council News:

    Council approved a motion to adopt the “Heritage Places 2.0: A description of Potential Heritage Conservation Districts in the City of London”.

    Council approved the donation of a permanently-roofed park pavilion for White Oaks Park, that will be donated by York Developments, pending the completion of a formal agreement between the City and York.

    Council approved the proposal submitted by Digital Echidna for the website redesign development and implementation.

    Council received a report containing background details and preliminary analysis to develop a business case for a bike share system in London and directed staff to implement an RFP process to obtain pricing and a vendor.

    Council approved a recommendation to request the London Medical Network return $7.3 million in funds that have not been invested by the Network to the City, and directed staff to report back with a strategy for investing those funds in developing permanent housing with supports for mental health and addictions.

    Council received the ‘City of London Service Review: Review of Service Delivery for Housing and directed staff to examine the development of affordable housing and report back on a recommended course of action.

  • July 30, 2019

    Canadian recording artist and Juno Award Nominee Helen Hibbert opened the meeting by singing the national anthem. Helen is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music who has earned an Associates of Arts degree from Carver College in Atlanta, Georgia.

    In Other Council News:

    Council approved a plan to develop a more comprehensive plan to reduce and manage plastics in the residential sector, and to implement the Hefty® EnergyBag® Pilot Project for flexible plastic packaging and hard-to-recycle plastics.

    Council approved the appointment of  AECOM Canada Ltd. as the consulting engineers for the detailed design and tendering for the Victoria Bridge Replacement Project.

    Council directed staff to include enhanced snow removal service as part of the considerations during the Multi Year Budget Process.

    Council approved the demolition of 123 Queens Avenue and have included the requirement for a commemoration plan from the owner in advance of the demolition.

    Council gave approval to allow Gateway Casinos to build a new casino on Wonderland Road.

  • June 25, 2019

    Fanshawe College music production student Olenka Bak sang the national anthem. Olenka was one of the Top 12 contestants on the reality show The Next Step and was also a participant on Supergroup.

    Council recognized the City of London Bravo Awards of Excellence winners. The Bravo Awards are presented to staff teams and individuals who make contributions to the workplace and to the community. The City Manager’s Award for Collaboration for 2018 was presented to the Urban Camps Response Team.  The Live Healthy Work Healthy Award for 2018 was presented to the Facilities Team. The Living Our Mission Award for 2018 was presented to The Break Room Crew. And the London Volunteer Award was presented to Pat Foto.

    Council also recognized Katelyn Rieger, this year’s recipient of the Tim Hickman Memorial Award.

    In Other Council News:

    Council received an update on Workplace, Diversity and Inclusion.

    Council approved a small cell 4G+/5G Pilot program.

    Council authorized staff to move forward with the expropriation process, where necessary, for land on Wharncliffe Road related to road widening and improvements.

    Council appointed Councillors Cassidy and Peloza to work with representatives from London For All and local First Nations leaders and Indigenous-led organizations to “Strengthen relationships and increase partnerships between municipal leaders, Indigenous people and community partners to create an Indigenous poverty strategy as set out in the “London for All – A Roadmap to End Poverty.”

  • June 11, 2019

    London resident and Central High School student Madeline Hodgson sang the national anthem. In 2013, Madeline was the winner of the Junior Rise 2 Fame competition for singing and regularly places among the top 3 in the Forest City Music and the Niagara City Music Competitions

    In Other Council News:

    Council received the Bill 108 - More Homes, More Choices Act 2019 Update Report and asked that a letter be sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in response to the proposed regulation. As well, Council asked that staff report back to them with any further information on legislative changes related to this.

    Council voted to  refer an application to change the zoning bylaw for 307 Fanshawe Park Road East to allow for a proposed development back to the Civic Administration to work with the applicant to address the concerns raised by the public with respect to proposed tree protection, elevation, intensification and site grading and for a review to be undertaken by the Urban Design Peer Review Panel.

    Council approved the purchase of portable radios and accessories for Fire Prevention Inspectors who are working alone.

    Council received a report outlining the impacts of recent Provincial budget and proposed legislative changes and asked staff to continue advocacy efforts to inform the provincial government about those potential impacts to the City. (CSC, 5[2.1])

  • May 21, 2019

    London vocalists Renee and Noelle Coughlin, two of the members of The Pairs sang the national anthem. The Pairs are a female fronted folk pop group with deep roots in this community.

    In Other Council News:

    Council approved the ReThink Zoning Terms of Reference.

    Council referred a motion to demolish the property at 123 Queens Avenue to a future meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee to allow for a structural assessment of the building.

    Council approved a proposed by-law amendment to allow a change in zoning on 2096 Wonderland Road.

    Council approved a motion that directs staff to investigate lowering speed limits in residential areas.

    Council approved the 2019 Development Charges Background Study.

  • May 7, 2019

    London musician Ben Heffernan sang the national anthem. Ben has been performing for many years in London, across Canada and has recently announced a tour in Ireland. He has also been included in the lineup for the upcoming Home County Music & Arts Festival.

    Council observed a moment of silence to acknowledge the passing of Canadian Jean Vanier, a global champion for people with developmental disabilities.

    In Other Council News:

    Council defeated a motion to explore the option of moving to daytime meetings.

    Council approved the Year 2019 Tax Policy.

    Council received the Victoria Park Secondary Plan – Status Update and endorsed the Draft Principles for the Victoria Park Secondary Plan.

    Council approved the 2019-2021 Internal Audit Plan.

  • April 23, 2019

    Council Briefs

    London resident Scott Bollert sang the national anthem. Scott is a local singer-songwriter who has been the lead singer for local rock band ‘After the Lounge’ for the past 13 years. Recently, he has also formed the Jazzman Band and created the Taste of Sinatra show.

    In Other Council News:

    Council approved a motion to declare a climate emergency, asking staff to identify actions to respond to this and to help mitigate future negative impacts.


    Council approved a motion to provide funding for an archaeological assessment at Western Fair Grounds.


    Council approved a motion that allows plans for a townhouse development on Windermere Road to move forward.


    Council approved the Strategic Plan 2019-2023.

  • April 9, 2019

    London singer-songwriter Taylor Holden opened the meeting with the singing of the national anthem. Taylor is a winner of the Made in London contest and is a folk soloist who also performs as front-woman for the Averages band.

    Council welcomed and thanked representatives of the Students’ Councils from Western University, Huron University College, Brescia University College, Kings’ University College and Fanshawe College. On behalf of Council, the Mayor expressed the City’s appreciation to the outgoing presidents for their services and wished the newly elected presidents well in their new roles.

    In other Council News:

    Council approved a motion to expand the availability of naloxone kits on London Fire Apparatus for use by London Fire Fighters as part of their response program.

    Council referred on potential amendments to the Public Nuisance By-law and Cost Recovery related to unsanctioned and unsafe street parties for further consultation with stakeholders. This will be brought back to the Community and Protective Services Committee meeting on May 28, 2019.

    Council approved a citizen-led motion to provide menstrual products free of charge in City-owned community facilities.

    Council approved motions that moved Council’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023 forward, with approval of the Strategic Plan to be considered at the April 23, 2019 meeting of Municipal Council.


  • March 26, 2019

    Tanya Lovell, an local blues musician and host on Western University’s radio programs led the singing of the national anthem.

    In other Council business:

    Council received the 2017 State of the Downtown Report for information.

    Council received the draft Lambeth Area Community Improvement Plan and it will be circulated for public review and comment.

    Council approved the request for dedication of Fire Station #4 – 870 Colborne Street in memory of Deputy Chief W. Peter Harding.

    Council approved the London Downtown Business Association Improvement Area 2019 proposed budget. 

    Council received the 2019 Development Charges Background Study and the proposed 2019 Development Charges By-law.

    Council approved the following projects be prepared for funding submissions with respect to the $204 million allocated to London under the under the Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS) and the $170 million provincial funding.  

    • Project 1: Downtown loop
    • Project 2: Wellington Road gateway
    • Project 3:  East London link
    • Project 6: Intelligent Traffic Signals (TIMMS)
    • Project 7: Expansion buses
    • Project 9: Bus stop amenities
    • Project 12: Adelaide street underpass active transportation connections
    • Project 14: Dundas Place Thames Valley Parkway active transportation connections
    • Project 15: Dundas Street Old East Village streetscape improvements  
    • Project 16: Oxford Street/Wharncliffe Road intersection improvements
  • March 5, 2019

    Council welcomed London musician, music teacher and producer Richard Gracious to lead the singing of the national anthem.

    Council recognized staff from the City’s Water and Waste Water Divisions, recipients of an award from Hydro One recognizing their excellence in energy conservation.

    In other Council News:

    Council approved a motion to make nasal naloxone kits available for public use in some City facilities.

    Council approved an extension to the sound by-law that would allow amplified music on patios until 1:00 a.m. between March 14 and March 17, which is during JUNO week in London.

    Council approved bike lane projects for the Downtown Old East Village east-west corridor.

    Council approved a motion to extend the Core Area Informed Response project beyond the pilot and beyond the core of London.

  • February 12, 2019

    Council approved a motion asking staff to assemble a list of transportation projects that are both likely to be eligible for Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS) funding and that could be delivered within the funding window of March 2028. The list will be considered at a special Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee being held at Centennial Hall on March 20 at 3 p.m. that will also include a public participation meeting.

    Council defeated a motion requesting the City Engineer to work in consultation with the Middlesex London Health Unit to report back on the potential to lower fluoridation levels in the London drinking water to .6 mg/l.

    Council approved a motion referring the proposed new Boulevard Tree Protection By-law be referred to a public participation meeting to be held at the Planning and Environment Committee meeting on February 19.

    Council approved the update to the 2019 Annual Budget.

  • January 29, 2019


    Londoner Melissa Megan, an award-winning country-soul artist whose songwriting skills earned her national recognition in the Canadian Songwriting Competition led the singing of the national anthem.

    On behalf of the City, Mayor Ed Holder presented a cheque for $80, 856.61 to the United Way – an amount raised through City of London employee donations and fundraising events.

    The Mayor also presented the London Food Bank with a cheque for $22,968.51, an amount raised through activities and donations by employees of the City of London. In addition, the City’s Business Care Food Drive also collected 2,200 lbs of food.

    In other Council business:

    Council approved a motion to incorporate bird-friendly development practices into the Site Plan Control By-Law.

    Council approved a motion to extend the hours for sound from outdoor stages during the 2019 JUNO Awards Week.

    Council received the draft Strategic Plan that will be available for public input throughout February. Learn more and provide input.

  • January 15, 2019

    The Mayor and Council recognized the contributions made to London by the following citizens who were named to the Mayor’s New Year’s Honour List in the categories indicated: Rachel Braden and Merel, Facility Dog (Accessibility); Ernest Maiorana (Age Friendly); Victoria Carter (Arts); Gabor Sass (Environment); Steven Liggett (Heritage); Melissa Hardy-Trevenna (Housing); Jacqueline Thompson (Humanitarianism); Mike Lumley (Sports)

    In other Council business:

    Council approved the Masonville Transit Village Secondary Plan Terms of Reference. 

    Council received the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion report for information. 

    Council directed staff to investigate the operation and budget impacts to improve snow clearing standards and report back before the next multi-year budget process.

    Council appointed Councillor Josh Morgan as the Council lead for the 2019 Budget process. 

    Council received Council’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023: Setting the Vision, Mission and Values report and approved seeking input from Londoners on the preliminary wording for the draft versions of the vision, mission and values for the Strategic Plan 2019-2023.  

  • December 18, 2018

    Council recognized members of the City of London’s Facilities Division, recipients of the 2018 Ontario Electrical Safety Award in the Worker Safety category.

    In Other Council News:

    Council voted against a motion to revise and expand the Business License By-Law to regulate mobile zoos, circuses and other similar businesses. 

    Council voted to opt in to the provincial program that will allow retail cannabis locations in the city should London be awarded a retail location. 

    Council approved a motion to direct $150,000 in funding from the Accommodation Tax to the JUNO Awards.

    Council received an update on the 2019 Development Charges Study Update on Draft Rates.

    The 2019 Annual Budget Update was tabled.

    Council received a report setting the context for the Strategic Plan 2019-2023.

  • November 20, 2018

    Council recognized the recipients of the Diversity, Race Relations and Inclusivity Awards. Recipients included the N’Amerind London Friendship Centre for their Youth First Cultural Exchange, My Sister’s Place, M.I. understanding for the program’s focus on pride understanding, Emancipation Day, and the London Police Service for their Police Ethnic and Culture Exchange (PEACE) program.

    Mayor Brown recognized London resident Jeanne Alpaerts, also known as Mrs. Claus, as Paramed’s Senior of the Year, acknowledging her volunteerism with Angels in the Night, helping vulnerable people.

    Members of Council who will not be returning were also thanked and recognized for their contributions over the past four years. This included Mayor Matt Brown and Councillors Bill Armstrong, Paul Hubert, Tanya Park, Virginia Ridley, Harold Usher and Jared Zaifman.

    In Other Council News:

    Council acknowledged contributions of the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation, amounting to $4.8 million that has supported projects in the community.

    Council approved the renaming of a portion of Third Street (from Oxford Street East to Cheapside) to Baransway Drive.

    Council approved moving forward with development applications for 3080 Bostwick Road and for 230 North Centre Road.

    Council received the final reporting package for the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, noting that more than 97% of milestones had been achieved.

  • November 6, 2018

    Jenna Goldsack, a grade eleven student in the music extension program at Catholic Central and community volunteer, opened the meeting with the singing of O’ Canada. 

    In Other Council News:

    Council acknowledged the City of London’s Credit Rating and received a report that summarized the reasons behind the Aaa rating assigned by Moody’s Investors Service.

    Council approved the allocation of lands on Innovation Drive for use as a future fire station and approved the funding allocation and source for this.

    Council directed staff to create an Affordable Housing Development Strategy to coordinate tools that support the development of affordable housing units in London.

  • October 16, 2018

    Council approved the development of an 18-storey apartment building proposed for Grey and Wellington Streets, with amendments that included the addition of two levels of underground parking, 10 affordable units and a $200,000 contribution to the bus rapid transit station that will be located at that intersection.

    Council referred a motion that would allow for day sitting of dogs and domestic cats in homes back to staff for further consideration.

    Council approved amendments to the Vehicle for Hire by-law that will include deregulating fares, the removal of a requirement for cameras in taxis and an increase in the number of accessible taxi licenses.

    Council approved a motion to increase the Mayor’s salary in order to accommodate the elimination of the one-third tax free allowance for elected officials.

    Council ratified a tentative agreement with CUPE Local 101.  This collective agreement will be in effect from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022.

  • October 2, 2018

    Council received information related to initiatives to make King Street safer for cycling, and approved a south side cycle track, separated by parking and transit islands, be implemented in 2019.

    Council approved a motion to phase in programs and initiatives that are part of the 60% Waste Diversion Action Plan between 2019 and 2022. As well, staff were directed to refine cost estimates, develop implementation plans, determine operational requirements and draft an implementation schedule for the Action Plan.

    Council approved a motion to conduct detailed design work on the intersections that include Pack Road and Colonel Talbot Road, Blackwater Road and Adelaide Street and Sunningdale Road and South Wenige Drive-thrus, when they meet the warrant, traffic signals can be installed without further delay as well as to conduct an updated traffic study at Oxford Street and Riverbend Road, and Stackhouse Ave. and Fanshawe Park Road. Staff were also asked to review the current warrant systems and best practices in other municipalities and report back with possible changes to how intersections are prioritized for traffic signals where appropriate.

    Council approved a motion to amend the zoning by-law to change the property at 723 Lorne Avenue (formerly Lorne Avenue Public School) from a Neighbourhood Facility Zone to a Residential Special Provision Zone and an Open Space Zone.

    Council received a report providing an update on the Harassment and Discrimination Third-Party Review.

  • September 18, 2018

    Council recognized Londoner Justine Taylor for her efforts to lead activities for Emancipation Day, scheduled for September 23. Justine is the great granddaughter of the originators of the Emancipation Day Celebration in London.

    Council recognized staff member Jane Ellyatt for her role in coordinating Toastmasters for City employees.

    Council recognized City of London employees celebrating 25 years of service.

    In other Council business:

    Council directed staff to report back on potential revisions to the Vehicle for Hire By-law which may include: reducing fees for taxi drivers and vehicle for hire owners; deregulating taxi fares; allowing vehicles for hire that are up to 10 years old; increasing the number of accessible taxi licenses available in the city; removing the requirement for cameras in taxis; and reduction of the cap on taxi licenses.

    Council approved an overnight parking permit for health care workers.

    Council approved the heritage designation for two barns located at 660 Sunningdale Rd. East.

    Council approved the annual Council meeting calendar for 2019, with evening meetings for Council.

  • August 28, 2018

    The Mayor presented the 2018 Queen Elizabeth Scholarships to Kai Sun and Robert Nadal, two London secondary students with the highest scholastic achievement based on the average of their best six subjects in their graduating year.

    In other Council business:

    Council received the Age Friendly London Progress Report 2018.

    Council referred the proposed amendments to the Traffic and Parking By-Law and the associated Bill No. 527 to the next Council meeting.

    Council adopted the Provincial Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways – Amendments 2018 as a minimum maintenance standard.

    Council approved the Complete Streets Design Manual as the basis for planning and design of city streets.

    Council accepted the Adelaide Street North/Canadian Pacific Railway Grade Separation Environmental Study. The Environmental Study Report will now be filed and placed on public record for a 30-day public review period.

    Council approved the zoning changes at 391 South Street for the redevelopment of the old Victoria Hospital lands.

  • July 24, 2018

    London resident Rachael Litt opened the meeting with the singing of the national anthem.

    Council approved the required by-law to officially appoint Lori Hamer as Chief, London Fire Department.

    Council announced that London students Kai Sun from AB Lucas and Robert Nadal from Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School were awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholarships. Each student will receive $2,000.  

    In other Council business:

    Council approved a motion to designate the property located at 172 Central Avenue to be of cultural heritage value. The property was originally owned by Dr. Oronhyatekha, one of the first Indigenous physicians in Canada.

    Council approved an application by Medallion Realty Holdings for brownfield incentives for 391 South Street.

    Council approved by-law amendments to the sound by-law and to the public nuisance by-law, related to public messaging in the community and nuisances.

    Council requested that staff review the Neighbourhood Event Equipment Lending program and report back to the Community and Protective Services Committee with respect to adding church groups to the list of organizations available to request use of the equipment available for loan.

    Council approved public review of the 60% Waste Diversion Action Plan.

    Council approved the installation of a traffic light at Hyde Park Road and South Carriage Road.

  • June 26, 2018

    Council Briefs

    Council recognized Emily Sturtridge, the recipient of the 2018 Tim Hickman Memorial Health and Safety Scholarship. This annual scholarship recognizes students in an occupational or public health and safety related program and was established as a tribute to City employee Tim Hickman who died in service to the community at the age of 21.

    In other Council business:

    Council accepted the Victoria Bridge Environmental Study Report, which will now be placed on public record for a 30-day review period. 

    Council approved an agreement between the City and the London Transit Commission to provide a subsidized monthly bus pass for individuals 13 up to and including 17 years of age beginning September 1, 2018.

    Council received an update from staff regarding the odour monitoring pilot program.

    Council endorsed London’s newcomer strategy, Choose London- Innovative, Vibrant and Global.

    Council approved the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) Network Project.

    Council approved the “Free of Fear Services for All Policy”.

    Council approved a public engagement process including a Public Participation Meeting and an invitation to provide input through Get Involved to gather feedback from the community on Council and Standing Committee meeting times.