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City of London recognized as the first community in Canada to reach a Veteran Quality By-Name List.

The City of London’s Homeless Prevention and Housing Team has been recognized by ‘Built for Zero Canada’ for being the first community in Canada to reach a Veteran Quality By-Name list, a big achievement in the progress to end veteran homelessness in London.

“The hard work and dedication of the City of London’s Homeless Prevention and Housing team to end veteran homelessness is demonstrated by the impressive accomplishment of achieving a Veteran Quality By-Name List,” says Marie Morrison, Director for Built for Zero Canada. “Achieving this list is the first essential step in the work to end veteran homelessness, not only in the City of London, but in Canada. Congratulations are in order.”

Reaching this achievement means that the City has been able to create a real-time list of all veterans experiencing homelessness in the community. With this list, the City’s homelessness prevention team is better able to support those veterans. This is an important first step in the program designed by the Built for Zero Canada campaign. This campaign is a national effort focused on helping communities end chronic homelessness and veteran homelessness, using data to measure progress.  The Built for Zero Campaign has identified set milestones that mark progress towards ending chronic homelessness. As cities reach each milestone, they move on to the next phase of the campaign. With this achievement, the City of London Homeless Prevention team will move into the next phase of the campaign, which is to reduce the number of people on the list.

“This is a positive step towards ending veteran homelessness in our community,” says Acting Mayor Jesse Helmer. “By knowing who is at risk of or experiencing homelessness in London, we’re better able to provide the programs and supports needed to help secure permanent housing for our veterans. The Quality By-Name List allows us to do just that.”

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