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Catchbasin Public Art Initiative Launched

Artists Darryn Rae, Holly Pichette and Erica Dombusch joined Mayor Ed Holder and City staff today for the launch of a new catchbasin community public art initiative.

Six catchbasins on City lands have been selected as sites for public art in 2019, including three located in Ivey Park.  The remaining three are located in Springbank Park and in the parking lots of the Canada Games Aquatic Centre and the Lambeth Arena.

Artists for the six City sites were selected from the London Arts Council public art roster and funded through the City’s Community Public Art Program.  The London Arts Council has also supported the London Brewing Co-operative as the first private business owner to feature catchbasin public art on its property.

“Catchbasins play a vital role in collecting and managing the city’s stormwater by returning it to the Thames River and its tributaries,” says Mayor Ed Holder.  “By joining forces with the City’s Community Public Art Project, we are able to raise awareness to both the importance of public art and effective stormwater management.”

“Public art helps communities develop and express their unique sense of place, character and history,” says Robin Armistead, Manager of Culture.  “Investing in our cultural assets by increasing our public art roster ensures a continued appreciation of our community and cultural heritage.”

Only rain down the drain is the message being conveyed with these unique art pieces surrounding our catchbasins,” says City Engineer Kelly Scherr.  “The City is proud to support Green Economy London and happy to be a partner of this community initiative on both public and private lands to safeguard the health of our Thames River.”

Green Economy London (GEL) is a program of the London Environmental Network and supports businesses in achieving sustainability goals.

Mayor Ed Holder, Artist Erica Dombusch and Councillor Anna Hopkins in front of catchbasin art





Mayor Ed Holder and Councillor Anna Hopkins look on as local artist Erica Dombusch puts the finishing touches on her catchbasin artwork in Ivey Park.


Mayor Ed Holder, artist Darryn Rae and Councillor Anna Hopkins in front of painted catchbasin








Mayor Ed Holder, artist Darryn Rae and Councillor Anna Hopkins in Ivey Park




Artist Holly Pichette poses with her artwork in Ivey Park


Artist Holly Pichette with her artwork in Ivey Park