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Prepare for Possible Basement and Yard Flooding

With the forecast of rain and expected snow melt today and over the next few days, it is anticipated flooding may occur in parts of the city. The City of London is reminding residents to take steps in advance to prepare and protect against basement and yard flooding.

  • If you have a backwater valve and/or sump pump, ensure they are in good working order and are operational during this time
  • Keep your drains unobstructed – do not pour grease down the drain or flush objects down the toilet
  • Throughout the year take a look around your property to make sure the ground is sloping away from your house and downspouts are extended four to six feet away from the house. Direct your downspouts where water can be easily absorbed, such as your lawn or flower bed.
  • Inspect your basement walls and floor for cracks.

Additional flooding resources are available at  

Should basement flooding occur, please see these tips to minimize damage:

The City of London has work crews addressing flooding-related issues. Residents can make service calls about a basement or yard flooding by calling the City at 519-661-4570 between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., or call 519-661-4965 after hours, 24/7.